ACER laptop with Vista

  Daisy22 20:13 28 Dec 2008

My 2 kb PC with Vista is almost full and I am wondering if I can delete ACER Empowering Technology, plus any of the other ACER programmes without it affecting any other programmes on the PC.

I don't have too many photos, no music so am not sure why the C drive is almost full. I've already taken off games that came with the Vista package.

Any help gratefully listened to.

  tullie 20:18 28 Dec 2008

Hope its not a 2kb pc?As far as i am aware,you dont need any of the Acer products,i removed mine vages ago.can you give us info on your hard drive,operating system etc.

  Daisy22 21:15 28 Dec 2008

Sorry I meant 2 gb.

It's got 2 drives, C drive and D drive. D drive has 44.1 GB free but C drive says only 3.00 GB free.

Operating system is Vista - which I've got used to and quite like although I know it takes up a lot of space.

So I'll take off all the ACER software which should free up some space. What else uses up space? I don't even have a printer or scanner on here and no other programmes, apart from a camera software, so not much really.

Thanks for help

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