Acer Laptop takes ages to boot

  Bucko1 21:31 28 Jun 2007

I have an Acer 5100 series Laptop and it now takes 8 mins after switching it on for it to get to the password login screen. It is only 6 months old and was fine when I first bought it. It hasn't been used much, so doesn't have loads of programs loaded on. Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone know how to speed it up again?

  djbenny 22:48 28 Jun 2007

maybe system defragment?

start, acccessories, system tools, defragment

  Graham. 23:06 28 Jun 2007

Use the System Recovery disc to return to 'out of the box' if you have no data you wish to keep.

  skidzy 23:21 28 Jun 2007

When was the last time it had a good clean up ?

Do you have Norton installed ?

As Graham has pointed out,defrag the machine and also take a look here for some advice click here

Also assuming xp,click

Start/run/ and type MSCONFIG and enter/now select startup.

Now untick any unwanted programs that load at startup.Normally we would untick everything except your firewall and antivirus and any realtime antispyware program.

Though this being a laptop,be careful not to untick your scroll pad.

  Quiet Life 23:26 28 Jun 2007

In Start~> Run type msconfig then press OK and see what programs are loaded at start up.
You can safely untick all except your antivirus.
Any required by Windows will return.

  Quiet Life 23:28 28 Jun 2007

It looks like skidzy beat me to it!

  Hawy 11:07 29 Jun 2007

See what's loading at start-up with this freebie click here and prevent any program loading that is unnecessary

  Bucko1 11:42 29 Jun 2007

All the programs you mention load after I have entered my password and do not take too long. Also the system is defragged, cleaned of dross and maintained regularly. The problem is before it gets to the password screen, which takes on average a min of 8 mins. I would think it's some kind of check that's going on in the bios

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