acer laptop screen problem

  User-609B2DB8-11A5-49D6-96C260567DC8DD01 04:24 04 Jan 2011

Hi all my first post i have an acer aspire 8920g and over the last month i have been having a few problems with the screen.when i first noticed it, it booted up the machine rans fan sounds etc, walked away came back a minute later the but the screen is blank. I thought strange i could still here the fan so i tried to use the fingerprint reader and it accepted that and continued to boot, but still black screen. i reboot and the same thing.
after a while of fliddling about with it i have found out that if i close the lid and open it the screen comes on again but only for a few seconds, after a random numder on lids closures the screen will stay on. so now everytime i boot the laptop with i have to open and close the lid a random muber of times to get the screen to stay lit. so i am guessing that there is a loose connection on the lid. any ideas where the connection is located under the casing, i am more desktop repair type but would be a afraid to have a go if pointed in the right direction. the laptop is well out of warrenty. one more thing in power option s the laptop is set to do nothing then the lid is closed. thanks for any help

  mooly 07:58 04 Jan 2011

First of all I would see if the backlight is OK.

If you shine a bright light on the screen is the image there?

Opening and closing the lid could be a sign of a break in a connection or lead. What happens if you activate the "lid close" switch a few times to simulate opening/closing but without actually moving the lid. Switch is usually on the back edge of main casing operated by a lug on the lid.
That might at least prove something as electrically that is all that happens closing the lid. If the screen stays on it would point to a connection issue.

It may not even be a hardware issue, hard to say really... a complete factory reinstall (from hidden partition) may be the answer or perhaps try system restore first.

  steve12345 12:40 04 Jan 2011

I have an Acer 5920G that had the same problem. It went back to Acer for repair (under warrenty) the first time, but then started to happen again after less than a year. Have a look at this youtube video and see if it helps you. Mine does'nt have this problem anymore after I applied this "fix".

click here

Hope it helps.

  jackhenry 16:08 04 Jan 2011

There has been a known issue with certain graphic chips embedded into motherboards.

The problem is caused by dry joints primarily where the chip connects to M/B. One solution is to replace the M/B but this is costly to obtain.

There are several well known and reliable repair shops who have the specialist equipment to 'Re-Ball' the motherboard chip. Most prices work out at £75 to £90 + P&P
Click Link to see illustration of problem and explanation of solution.
click here

Clearly before the above step is taken, the repair shop needs to prove other hardware i.e.. Screen,Back-light, Power Adapter etc. are all tested OK.

Hope this helps with your problems.


Thanks very much for all your advise everyone after some more messing around i decided to try the software angle first before atemping a hardware fix so i rolled back the graphic drivers and for the last day or so no black screen, could it really be that simple.? have rebooted quite a few times and opened and closed the lid etc so far it all seeems to be very stable. thank you guys for all the suggestions.

  mooly 16:41 05 Jan 2011

Let's hope so :)
Graphic drivers can be a problem as notebook ones are often quite specific with unique .inf files.

If you go trying to force a wrong one on the system it's asking fro trouble.

Let us know how it goes anyway.

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