Acer Laptop Running Low!!

  blocker11 19:37 28 Jun 2007

Hi, My father in law has a Acer Laptop with 2 8GB hard drives, one (to me) is a normal hard drive which all programs are loaded to, but the 2nd (again to me) is purely for Data as is call"ACERDATA (D:)... does this means i can't load printer drivers/programs on to it.

The only reason i'm asking is that the C Drive is running low on space.


  Tribal-Wolf 19:45 28 Jun 2007

The acer data is for storing stuff as it will have one hard drive spit into 2 partitions, Anything stored on the data partition is not affected if you do a restore using the disc that came with the laptop.

  blocker11 20:24 28 Jun 2007

any other help?

  woodchip 20:35 28 Jun 2007

Printer Drivers is not like a Program as such, and does not take up much room. Provided you only load the Drivers. Any programs on the Printer CD you should choose custom install and put them on Partition D:
Best way if C:\ is filling up is uninstall Programs that you have the Software Discs for and reinstall as custom install and load them to D:\

  Technotiger 20:37 28 Jun 2007

Why not get a external USB hard drive, not very expensive these days.

  woodchip 20:41 28 Jun 2007

Or fit a bigger internal drive as I did, From 30Gb 4200rpm to a 60gb running at 7200 rpm

  blocker11 20:43 28 Jun 2007

thought about additional external Hard Drive... do they work the same as normal drives.

Which would be cheaper the external or a new internal drive??

  Technotiger 20:46 28 Jun 2007

do they work the same as normal drives.

Yes, just shows up as another drive in My Computer.

  Technotiger 20:48 28 Jun 2007

Internal might be a bit cheaper, but more to do - i.e. reloading your OS etc. External drive much easier, usually just plug and play - though might need a format first.

  VoG II 20:58 28 Jun 2007

Internal not possible with a laptop methinks.

  blocker11 21:13 28 Jun 2007

these external drive... are they not just storage devices???

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