Acer laptop keyboard problem Model 5504 WXMi

  [DELETED] 23:34 01 Apr 2006

I bought this Acer laptop a month ago. When I type, the odd letter randomly doesn't register - I'm quite sure that I pressed the keys. I've contacted Acer support and they've advised me to do a complete reinstall using the recovery disk, just to eliminate the possibility that it's a software problem. Seems drastic & I'm not sure I like that idea!!

What do you, knowledgeable lot out there, think?

  johnnyrocker 23:39 01 Apr 2006

back it.


  [DELETED] 23:41 01 Apr 2006

Follow their advice, your Acer is very likely partitioned into two drives, put all your important data on the D: drive and backup to disk/CD/DVD just in-case. If after the reinstall you still have the same problem then you know what to do!

  [DELETED] 23:52 01 Apr 2006

Thanks for the quick response. I thought that would be the answer; apparently software isn't covered under the warranty, so if it's still a problem after the reinstall, they'll check out the hardware FOC.

Yes, it has 2 partitions. Fortunately I haven't put much data on it, which I can copy to my Freecom mobile hard drive. However, I've installed a bit of software on it - perhaps you can help with this query: If I do this reinstall, how do I re-activate my Office 2003 with Microsoft?

  [DELETED] 23:57 01 Apr 2006

Any data on the D: drive will remain intact if you use the Acer recovery disks, so it will pay to move your 'My Documents' folder to this drive and any other important data whilst your at it.

Your MS 2003 Office programmes will be fine, just re-install from disk once the re-installation has finished, if re-activation is required, go ahead, office 2003 will comply.

  [DELETED] 00:14 02 Apr 2006

Thanks for the advice De Marcus! Now on a slightly different note, are you familiar with bluetooth devices? I've bought a Logitech V270 bluetooth mouse to use with this Acer. Each time I switch on the laptop, I have to go to My Bluetooth Places and then use the configuration wizard to get the connection - is there a quicker way round?

  [DELETED] 00:18 02 Apr 2006

I'm afraid in this respect I can't help you, whilst I have the bluetooth switch on the front of my notebook it's an alien technology to me, I've never had the need to use it.

  [DELETED] 07:08 02 Apr 2006

I have a new Aspire 5003 (64 bit CPU). XP re-install can be achieved without the backup CD as it's loaded on a hidden partition. Check your manual - you will probably need to press f5 during boot up and select re-install from Hard Disk. It's very quick.

I keep the minimum on C: and all my important programs/data on D: which remains unchanged. MS Office 2003 reactivates exactly as explained above.

The keyboard layout on my Acer is a little different to my Toshibas and I sometime miss characters but that is me and not the laptop!

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