Acer Laptop HD Partitions

  carper 10:04 17 Jul 2008

I have an Acer Laptop, running XP Home SP3 and I now find that I have only 9Gig left on drive C, There is a partition for system recovery rather than a disc on what it calls drive D. This drive is 88%empty about 34Gig. Is there any way that I can alter the partition to give me more space on drive C.
Thanks in advance, carper

  Taff™ 10:48 17 Jul 2008

Would it be an 80 Gb Hard disk drive by any chance? Acer generally split the HDD into two roughly equal partitions and their recovery partition (Hidden) is usually 6 Gb. You might be able to see the hidden partition from Disc Management in Administrative Tools. If I`m right you have in fact a C drive of 40 Gb, D drive of 34 Gb and a hidden recovery partition of 6 Gb.

  carper 14:53 17 Jul 2008

Thanks Taff. You are right that the drive is 80gig.
Does that mean that I can use the space on D the same as using part of C. I must admit I have never tried it carper

  Taff™ 06:13 18 Jul 2008

Yes. It`s actually not your hidden Restore Partition. You could for example move "My Documents" i.e all your data to that partition or if you have a lot, just My Pictures or My Music.

Let`s just check first though - what is actually on that partition? Are the files recognisable as data or are they recovery files?

  xania 08:42 18 Jul 2008

Its always a good idea to keep you data on a separate partition to your operating system - that way if you need to re-install Windows the prime copy (I assume you have a separate back-up off your main HHD) of your data will remain safe. So certianly move My documents, but also store at least the copy of your email folders, and a copy of C:\Documents and Settings.

  Batch 13:20 18 Jul 2008

See this thread for more info. on what and how to move data.

  Batch 13:20 18 Jul 2008


click here

  carper 10:00 19 Jul 2008

Thanks for all your suggestions. I have now decided that I will only use C for operating system and use my external hard drive (320gig) for all my photos etc, Should have plenty of room there. Thanks again carper

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