Acer Laptop Hard drive re-format question

  darkster 17:08 23 Aug 2005

Hi all,
I have just bought an Acer laptop. It's hard drive has two partitions in FAT32 format. I understand that this is a standard Acer thing but I was wondering if anybody could tell me the quickest/easiest/safest way to reformat the partitions into NTFS. Incidentally, I have Norton PartitionMagic but I haven't really used it yet, so I don't want to mess up my lovely new laptop. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  Thalmus 17:58 23 Aug 2005

This command will covert the fat32 partition to NTFS: convert "drive_letter:" /fs:ntfs

  Thalmus 17:59 23 Aug 2005

to use it, click start > run and type cmd. tis will open the command line and you can enter the command there

  darkster 18:10 23 Aug 2005

Thanks very much for the quick replies and for the advice.

  raeman 15:38 03 Sep 2005

A bit late on this one but just got new acer and noticed same thing just wondered if you had changed to ntfs and did it work ok.Did read somewhere that acer have a hidden 3rd partition that has all the recovery info and better left alone but I was surprised when i saw this partition and was tempted to change it.

  Superstylin 15:53 03 Sep 2005

hey darkster, i've just gotten a new acer laptop too and was after the same advice as you but was guided away from formatting to ntfs because of the reason raeman quoted. i'm intrigued to know if there is a way to keep the recovery abilities while managing to format to ntfs. (apart from just formatting the d: to ntfs andleaving c: as fat32)

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