Acer laptop doesn't power on.

  nerawan 16:26 11 Sep 2012

Hi guys. I have a small (10')Acer laptop that I bought in Bangkok 3 years ago. After 3 months I dropped it in the floor(cement) but it continued working for another month and then suddenly died. I power it on, I just see the green light but that is all. Not any messages in the screen (just black). Any ideas what it coud be. The hard drive or maybe the motherboard?.

  chub_tor 17:45 11 Sep 2012

Have you checked that it is not just the screen by connecting an external monitor to the VGA socket? Are there any sounds coming from it?

  nerawan 22:56 11 Sep 2012


  chub_tor 09:22 12 Sep 2012

When you connected the external monitor did you push the appropriate keys to switch to the external display? Look at this webpage on another computer for all the keys. It seems to be Fn +F5 to toggle the display and Fn +F6 to turn the backlight off. These are for Aspire One netbooks, you don't say which model you have.

  nerawan 19:15 12 Sep 2012

model AOA-150. Keys are fn and f5 but nothing happens. yesterday I opened it and hard drive and memory are firmly secure. Also I flush the Bios using a usb stick and pressing fn/esc and power key. It's supposed to blink after a few seconds but nothing. It looks it's the motherboard.

  woodchip 22:24 12 Sep 2012

Try using it without the Battery, Just try on mains adapter

  morddwyd 08:08 13 Sep 2012

I have two Acers.

Both have flaky power supply plugs.

Just a thought.

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