Acer L3600 Bios flash worries.

  Epirb406 19:13 03 Dec 2008

Hi All,

I have, as some of you may have noticed been trying to upgrade the RAM on my media PC.

I am sure sure that the selected RAM should work, my manual says it should and my vendor says it should, but it doesn't. No post, no boot, no beeps no nothing!

It has been suggested that flashing the bios is the way ahead and I can see the sense in that .

However, I can find no step by step instructions from Acer on this, only dire warnings about a lack of warranty support if it goes wrong.

I have also found a good number of forums where people have bricked similar units flashing the bios.

I am nervous, can I upgrade to RO1-BO without killing my machine? if so, how!!?!?!?

Anyone come across any useful info, support for this fantastic little machine seems a little thin on the ground.

Thanks all, Epirb.

  pk46 19:22 03 Dec 2008

Then i would say with respect the Ram your uing is not correct otherwise your computer would work and doing a Bios flash will not change this and if your not shure what your doing in this area leave alone.
If your not earthed you could have killed the memory with a stactic charge.

  Epirb406 19:34 03 Dec 2008

Hi, perhaps I should have mentioned hat I have been building systems for ten years or so and do know my way around a box of bits.

I have not fried the RAM and it should work.

Brgds, Epirb.

  Epirb406 18:14 04 Dec 2008

Any more before I get rash?!?


  Epirb406 15:03 06 Dec 2008

Below is a copy of the email I saent to Acer Support but have had no response. Thanks for reading! They have not replied in two days. It was entitled L3600 RAM upgrade.


I want to upgrade my ram to 2GB.

I Purchased 2 x 1GB DDR2 PC2-5300 SODIMM.

I installed and got no beeps, no post and no boot, I tried:

Ram A in Slot 1 and Ram B in slot 2.
Ram B in Slot 1 and Ram A in slot 2.
Ram A in Slot 1 and nothing in slot 2.
Ram A in slot 2 and nothing in slot 1.
Ram B in slot 1 and nothing in slot 2.
Ram B in slot 2 and nothing in slot 1.

I then had the vendor replace my RAM and tried the same process all over again, still no beeps, post or boot.

It is now being suggested that flashing the bios will allow this to work.

I can download the BIOS ver. RO1-BO from your website but I do not know if that will help.I am happy to do this but would need step by step advice.

Please advise the soonest!

Acer Aspire L3600
Main Board ID: G31
System S/N 926DG9 2UHT75 20E4D 02702
Manufacturer Acer
SM BIOS Version: 08.00.14
System BIOS: R01-A1
BIOS release date 9/24/07

Thank you,

***** ***

PS, This machine is registered on your website.

  cream. 15:18 06 Dec 2008

your new ram high or low density ram? High density rarely works.

can you post the detailed code numbers on the stick of ram?

  Epirb406 16:01 06 Dec 2008

Rendition. RM12864AC667.M8FE. 1GB DDR2 PC2-5300 SODIMM Singapore 200839 MT BP112Y1.8H. 106246

Country of origin Singapore
200839 CBND7XZ003
Lead Free.

Chapter and verse, both sides! Bought from, checked for compatibility and swapped once already by


  cream. 16:15 06 Dec 2008

The 128 -64a in theRM12864AC667 refers to high density chips. It might be worth checking if the old ram is also high density, that may be the problem. See if your supplier will send low density ram.

Bye the bye. Did you reset the bios after you installed the new ram. sometimes reseting the cmos does the trick ;-)

  Spark6 16:15 06 Dec 2008

Is 'the fantastic little machine' happy with the original memory or have you ditched it? The original memory that is.

  Epirb406 16:34 06 Dec 2008

Yes, it does rum on the original RAM but rather slowly!

The small print from the original RAM:

GDDR2-667 512MB 64MX8 1.8V EP GU33512AJEPN612C *0705175*50 UNIFOSA Made in Taiwan.
Other Side:
Acer 2008-01 Memory S/N KN5120H008752167F22700

No I didn't try resetting the bios.

Cheers for thoughts so far, All the best,


  cream. 18:28 06 Dec 2008

Is low density ram.

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