Acer ferrari 1100 ' freezing '

  davecartman 12:23 15 Nov 2015

I have the above laptop and it periodically freezes, that is nothing responds not even ctrl alt delete . I have to force it to shut down. At the same time it seems very hot at the left hand far corner, could it be overheating ? I have put it on a fan stand if that is the correct term but with no improvement, any help would be welcome. You will be aware by my wording I am not very high tech

  wee eddie 14:15 15 Nov 2015

It could be a build up of dust inside

  davecartman 14:30 15 Nov 2015

I cannot see anyway to access the inside to clean it. there is a panel underneath with 3 small screws but after removing the screws it still will not move.

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