Acer Equium a100-147 DC connector problems

  Nebky 22:30 23 Oct 2010

Im having problems with my Acer Equium A100-147's power connection. after a little research I think the DC connector inside the laptop is cracked/broken. i have little knowlege of how i would go about fixing such a problem as im only 16. However i'de much rather do it myself if its not too hard to do.
Ive found multiple guides on replacing laptop connectors but the problem im having is tracking down the right connector for this model. Any help/advice would be much apritiated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:02 23 Oct 2010

I commend your enthusiasm in wanting to have ago.

However it is not easy stripping a laptop down so you can get at the DC jack connection, never mind rebuilding again.

Also not that easy to de-solder re-solder a new jack onto the board without destroying the tracks a lot of practice is needed.
A laptop is an expensive place to start learning.

My advice would be to get it done professionally as you are then covered if they mess it up.

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