Acer Empowering Technology

  hkbs 11:56 28 Jul 2007

I have recently bought an Acer 9301AWSMi which came with Vista Home Premium installed.
At logon, a lot of stuff under the name Acer Empowering Technology starts up. I am finding it all very confusing so wonder if anyone knows what effect it will have if I either prevent it from loading or uninstalling it altogether.

  baldtaco 12:12 28 Jul 2007

hkbs, hola

I'd probably nuke it, but then I'm quite strict. I think this is what it does - click here

...and here's why I suspect I'd bin it off click here

  hkbs 12:59 28 Jul 2007

Yes, having read all that, I think I would like to get rid of AET.

I tried msconfig and Code Stuff Starter but I am not allowed to disable it - informed I don't have admin rights/permissions. There are only two users set up on the laptop, both with admin rights.

I see in Belarc Adviser that Administrator (disabled) shows last logon was before I bought the laptop.

How do I get round this, please?

  iambeavis 16:20 28 Jul 2007

Keep the "Acer eRecovery Management" part, as it enables you to reinstall applications and drivers - the rest of the "Empowering Technology" can be disabled, or uninstalled, as you wish. I don't know about the "Administrator" part of it, sorry.

  iambeavis 16:24 28 Jul 2007

Forgot to mention that, in addition to the above, "Acer eRecovery Management" creates full system backups and restores a damaged O/S to "Factory Install" state.

  osjknights 20:40 27 Sep 2010

1. Make hidden folders visible;
In Windows explorer goto Tools/Folder Options
select View Tab
Under "Hidden files and folders" select "show hidden files and folders" Click Apply

2. In Windows explorer select C: drive - in the main Window you should see the "ProgramData" folder.
Double click, then onto a series of folders - to click your way through; - "Microsoft" / "Windows" / "Start Menu" / "Programs" / "Startup"
In that folder you will see a shortcut file "Empowering Technology Launcher"

If you highlight that file and with the widow in "Down" mode (not full screen) and right click and dragged to the desktop, you can move it there, and launch it when needed.
It will not launch on start up.

2. follow 1. and select "do not show hidden files and folders" click Apply.

DISCLAIMER. Use these instructions at your own risk!

  osjknights 20:42 27 Sep 2010

the instructions given are for Vista (but should be the same in windows 7.

  mooly 07:52 28 Sep 2010

Did you do a full factory restore when you got it... the 9301 is around 4 year old... and it's what I use... been brilliant. I got the free Vista upgrade and clean installed that with no bloatware.

If you haven't done a full restore you don't know what issues may be lurking. There's a full pdf user manual installed on the HDD... just search for Acer.

With Vista the correct way to enable/disable applications is to use "software explorer" which is part of Windows Defender. If you use MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) then you have to use msconfig instead as MSE disable Defender.

  Sea Urchin 08:39 28 Sep 2010

This thread is over three years old :@)

  mooly 11:21 28 Sep 2010

Well spotted ;) thought it seemed a bit odd "just bought"

It was early morning lol

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