Acer 'e' Lock Activated

  SWEENEY TOD 01:52 02 Aug 2008

Just installed Nokia disc supplied with phone for updates etc. Installed OK. But now the 'D' drive is not functioning and i get a message from Acer board informing me that " Optical Drive Devices Locked " Any ideas ?

  crosstrainer 06:37 02 Aug 2008

click here

And follow the instructions. If this fails, remove the Nokia software and try again.

  SWEENEY TOD 10:06 02 Aug 2008

Thanks Crosstrainer

In the Empowering Technology i only have
ePerformance Management and eSettings Management with no access to eLock Management

  crosstrainer 14:18 02 Aug 2008

Try uninstalling the Nokia stuff. Which Acer model do you have? Weird thing here is, that not all models come with elock, but if that's the identified problem, then you must have had it installed at some point.

If you have the original disks, try uninstalling all th epower software, then download the latest versions from:

click here

Make sure you enter the correct model on the first screen.

After uninstalling the epower utilities, try the drive again before installing the newly downloaded versions from the link above.

  SWEENEY TOD 19:57 02 Aug 2008

Hi Crosstrainer

Removed all Nokia stuff but still same
There is nothing on your link that i can download apart from instruction manuals.
I have got the discs as i have had computer from new and elock has never been available even though like you said the computer must have some kind of reference so that it has acted this way
Cannot load discs presently as it is not operating but i am unsure what might happen if i uninstall all acer software

  crosstrainer 07:02 03 Aug 2008

You will do no harm by uninstalling the Acer epower stuff. I am an Acer dealer, so trust me :)

After you have done it, run ccleaner to clear the registry of any references to the epower and elock software.

click here

Then try booting the machine without the software there. You CAN download the latest versions from the site I posted (it's a bit of a messy site)

click here

Read the utility upgrade section at the bottom of the page. You MUST have the model of your machine as the versions differ from each other.

  SWEENEY TOD 11:15 03 Aug 2008

Hello again

I have
Empowering Tech Framework

When i try and uninstall any of these i get a message Product_Name was not found in string table.
I have then an option to carry on or not?

  SWEENEY TOD 11:17 03 Aug 2008

Also for some reason i am not allowed to system restore at any restore point

  crosstrainer 14:57 03 Aug 2008

Sounds as if a factory defaults reset may be your only option. Backup your data to an external usb hdd and use the restore disks.

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