Acer D260 battery question please ?

  pabear 08:14 31 Aug 2014


I have an Acer D260 netbook that has a poor battery...I have numerous old netbooks and wonder if it is ok to use one from the other Acer netbooks ?

The battery in question is model No AL10A31 and the type I am thinking of using is model AL10B31 ............. the sole difference seems to be that it is just slightly fits into the slot fine and so I wonder if it could damage anything ...can anybody give me some advice please ?

As far as I can see,all the ratings are exactly the same for each battery...?

Hope somebody can help ?



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:45 31 Aug 2014

Check the voltage should be the same, 11.1 volts compatible with 10.8v systems

check the current the more the better 4800 & 5200 mAh 600mAh better.

  northumbria61 10:50 31 Aug 2014

Following on from Fruit Bat - mAh explained

  spuds 11:17 31 Aug 2014

Perhaps an internet search might provide a few answers, because sometimes you will find batteries being sold by some outlets, have compatibility and comparison charts. Some eBay and Amazon seller's provide this service.

I have even emailed some of these seller's for information, and they have been very helpful.

  pabear 14:44 31 Aug 2014

Thanks for the replies fellas`...much appreciated...all the ratings seem the same and the battery is from a similar,but not the same,model of netbook...the unused netbooks are both AOD255E models.

It isnt a good week for me regarding computers...Ive had no problems with any for more than 2 years but this week 3 have stopped working or malfunctioned in one way or another !!!

Thanks again.


  bumpkin 15:11 31 Aug 2014

Compare the connectors and if they are exactly the same and the rating is the same should be OK.

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