Acer D250 dead - power ok at m/b

  thewasp 09:19 13 Sep 2011

Acer d250 - was working perfectly, now won't turn on, and no charge light illuminated when plugged in.

Power supply is fine, and there is power at the multiplug on the motherboard.

What might be the problem? All help appreciated.

  birdface 09:49 13 Sep 2011

Will it work with the battery disconnected.

  thewasp 09:57 13 Sep 2011

No power light with battery disconnected, will not switch on.

  chub_tor 10:13 13 Sep 2011

It sounds like that their is a disconnect between the power socket and the motherboard. If you wiggle it gently with the power supply plugged in do you get any indication of a charging light?

If it is the power jack then there is a tear down video Here and parts available Here

  onthelimit1 10:18 13 Sep 2011

Having replaced one of these sockets, I would rate the task as 'not easy'!

  thewasp 10:29 13 Sep 2011

Socket is very easy to replace on these as it isn't soldered on the board. The socket is wired via a multiplug to the m/b.

As mentioned in my original post, there is power to the multiplug on the motherboard - so it's not a connection issue.

  birdface 10:50 13 Sep 2011

Have you tried removing the battery and the power cord and holding down the start key for 30 seconds then reinstalling them again to see if that would work.

  onthelimit1 10:51 13 Sep 2011

Ah, OK. I was going by the picture of the socket in chub's post. In that case, if power from the adaptor is reaching the multiplug on the end of the mini harness from the DC socket, it looks like the mobo has had it.

  onthelimit1 11:11 13 Sep 2011

Looking at a service manual, it looks as though your model has a separate power mode, rather than being built in. However, I can't find replacements for sale other than this one in the US

power board

  thewasp 11:44 13 Sep 2011

Thanks for looking.

Would that stop the battery charge light illuminating?

  onthelimit1 11:50 13 Sep 2011

Can't be sure, but it's the link between the socket and the feeds to the mobo, so I'd guess so. As an aside, I've bought stuff from ebay from the US - it takes a few days, but it's always arrived OK. Might be worth a punt for the price.

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