Acer crystal eye lost on Acer W510

  Damarc 15:35 22 Aug 2014

I had to have a recovery of my hybrid because of viruses and although most of my files and apps were there afterwards, Acer Crystal Eye wasn't, although it was originally on the hybrid. How do I get it back please as it's very good definition, much better than the camera on Windows 8.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:31 22 Aug 2014
  Damarc 12:54 23 Aug 2014

Thanks Rdave13. I did manage to download it but it was a zip file, so a bit unfamiliar to me. I opened the file and found set up, checked that there were no other 'offers' and no 'custom' setup and went ahead. Restarted the pc and it is in my list of apps but as an 'uninstall'. Clicking on the icon just takes me to the uninstall process. I intended to redo setup but have no idea where the files went. Have checked download both on Firefox and on pc but there is nothing on either. Windows 8.1 doesn't help much in finding files :-((

  Damarc 19:14 23 Aug 2014

Struggling with that as well. Not a direct link, full of various downloads and to get download have to go to developer's site which asks me for a login and password. Don't seem to be getting very far. When webcam is mentioned it isn't really the webcam that I want it for. I assume that's the one that photographs whilst facing the screen. i actually want the Acer Crystal eye that is the normal camera pointing away from the screen plus video. It is very much sharper than the ordinary camera and has taken some brilliant photos in the past. It was known as Acer Crystal Eye on my app list not Acer Crystal Eye webcam. Would this be different?

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