Acer crashed & not sure what to do next :(

  Iluaf 14:00 28 Feb 2010

I have an Acer laptop (on Vista) - 3yrs old. I leave it on 24/7. Generally if there are updates, it restarts ok. Last night I decided to 'try something different' & hit hibernate. Today I hit the on button & it started up but a dark screen has appeared & I can't get anything else to happen. I can't even switch it off. Do I unplug it & let the battery drain so it switches off& tryto start again or is there anything else I can do. I use it forwork so need to access it soon as pos.

thanks in anticipation,


PS Am using hubbys pc

  Devil Fish 14:09 28 Feb 2010

1st off try ctrl alt del see if you can force shut down

if not providing all your work is saved unplug power adaptor and remove battery though not a recommended course of action it may be the only way

  Technotiger 14:14 28 Feb 2010

Another way to shut down in an emergency, is to hold down the Start button for at least four seconds - at least it does this with a desktop PC.

  Iluaf 14:57 28 Feb 2010

Thanks guys - Tried ctl, alt, del & didn't work - Also holding the start button & nothing is happening.

Computer is fully backed up so I'll drain the battery & see if it will start then. Do I actually need to remove the battery or will draining it be sufficient? (I didn't know they could be removed doh!)

thanks so much!

  Devil Fish 15:22 28 Feb 2010

usually their is a slider underneath the laptop to unlock the battery then it will just slide out which will be sufficient to power down machine then replace battery and reboot

  Iluaf 15:25 28 Feb 2010

Thanks Devil Fish, will try that now ;)

  Iluaf 15:35 28 Feb 2010

ok I pulled the battery out & it has loaded up normally...phew! What can I do to avoid it happening again - should I leave it on 24/7...any idea what might cause this?

Thanks again,


  Technotiger 15:53 28 Feb 2010

I would advise you not to use the Hibernate option, not ever!

Glad it is working ok again.

  Iluaf 16:53 28 Feb 2010

Thanks everyone! x

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