Acer - C drive full

  Whitster 10:14 12 Jul 2010

Hi, I have a Acer Aspire 1510 running on Vista and for some reason the c drive full but d drive is emtpy, there are no movies, photo's and only a handfull of music tracks, the c and d drive are not massive (32gb each) but surely the c drive should not be full. Any Ideas

  MAT ALAN 10:23 12 Jul 2010

click here
run the prog in the link it will tell you exactly where your free space has gone and by what...

  Whitster 11:24 12 Jul 2010

Used the program and it seems that windows is taking up over 20gb of the 32gb, is this normal, i have heard that vista is very heavy on your hdd but 20gb jesus!

  MAT ALAN 12:02 12 Jul 2010

The prog should give you an exact breakdown within the windows forlder ya might have to do a bit more searching

click here

the link might explain a bit more
could be your "system volume info files" where your restore points are kept
click here
this might help...

  Whitster 12:33 12 Jul 2010

I had already deleted restore points except the latest. What i thought about doing was shinking the volume of drive 'D' and then increasing drive 'C', although i can shink 'D' the option to increase 'C' is not highlighted

  MAT ALAN 12:55 12 Jul 2010

With only 32 gigs on each partition i would consider buying an external HDD and useing that...

  BurrWalnut 12:57 12 Jul 2010

You will not be able to Extend drive C until there is some unallocated space for it, i.e. Shrink D then use the unallocated space to Extend C.

You will only be able to decrease D down to the first unmovable/locked system file. Running a defragmentation may move some of the ‘unmovable’ files.

  Whitster 13:31 12 Jul 2010

Hi Mate, Yeah shrank the 'D' drive first and it unallocated 17gb of the 32gb but then went 'C' drive but the option to increase is not highlighted

  canarieslover 14:14 12 Jul 2010

To be able to increase C: the empty space must be contiguous with the C: partition. You probably now have C: + D: + Empty space so you cannot increase C: as the D: partition is in the middle. The best way of doing it is to use a partition tool such as Easeus Partition Manager click here which is free. You can then delete the D: partition and increase the C: partition to take up the whole of the drive. Ensure that you have no data on D: that you wish to keep before doing this.

  Whitster 14:21 12 Jul 2010

Great Thanks, i will try the Partition manager. Did'nt realise that the space had to be continuous, but makes sense. It's exactly as you say with the 'D' drive in the middle. Going to try now.

  Whitster 15:47 12 Jul 2010

It worked !! now i have just the one drive 'C' with a total capacity of 64gb. Thanks for your help.

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