Acer Aspire Timeline - sneaky change of CPU/spec?

  simon911 16:11 27 Jan 2010

When it was launched less than a year ago the Acer Aspire Timeline 4810 came with SU9400 2 Duo 1.4GHz CPU. It received universally positive expert reviews with comments on decent performance.

At some point since, it has changed the spec to now include an SU4100 dual core 1.3GHz CPU.

I'm no expert, but is that not a lesser/cheaper spec, which will probably produce inferior performance?

Of course, now the laptop has been launched, no-one will review it with the changed spec, so potential buyers like me can't know what the real performance will be.

Does anyone have a view on whether it will make a noticeable difference?

  Woolwell 16:17 27 Jan 2010

According to the Acer site it is "or" click here

  Woolwell 16:24 27 Jan 2010

This is a review with SU9400 click here

  Woolwell 16:32 27 Jan 2010

I'm having difficulty in finding one with the SU9400 on sale. This is a bit misleading.

  simon911 16:33 27 Jan 2010

Unfortunately the site is out of date/misleading.

No-one is selling it anymore with the discontinued SU9400 CPU (about which there are many reviews) and everyone is selling it with the SU4100 CPU (about which there are no reviews).

So my question is - will it make a difference?

  mooly 16:52 27 Jan 2010

Loads of timeline threads here, just search the forum for 4810 timeline.

click here

  Woolwell 18:27 27 Jan 2010

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