Acer Aspire one D255E restore issue

  Simon Lamb 21:39 05 May 2017

So I bought this little notebook off a friend. I wanted to restore it back to factory settings so I could start it from fresh. I used googdle to find out how to restore it, and apparently the way to do it was, "shut down, turn on and immediately hold alt whilst tapping F10". this should bring up options for a restore. Well it kinda did, it brought up Samsung recovery solution 3. So I went with it (thinking this must be the right way). I went for the 'complete restore', as that is what I wanted when I read the information. Then I popped up with an error message............."the selected restore image is not compatible with this computer, if you restore this computer with this restore image, this computer will not operate properly". so of course I clicked cancel. There is no other options to do anything else, so I exited the SRS3 window and the computer shuts down automatically. I now turn it back on, leave it to start up, and it just pops up with the Samsung recovery solution window again, and I now cant do anything. Ive tried loads of things, attempting to enable and disable things.....F2, F4, F8, F12, ALT+F10. Nothing is letting me start the computer normally. HELP please, I'm losing my mind!!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:56 05 May 2017

have you got a windows serial key on a sticker on the machine? if so what version of windows as you can download and make a boot media tool to reinstall from scratch - then all you ned is the drivers from the Acer site.

  Simon Lamb 23:17 05 May 2017

Yes I think so, there is a sticker with ‘windows 7 starter SNPC OA’ at the top, then a few codes titled ‘acer group and product key’. There is also another sticker with more codes on it. I cant even get onto the computer to do any downloading or reinstalling. I need to be able to get to at least the desktop, but nothing will let me get there?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:46 05 May 2017

you can download a windows iso and make a usb from any computer then boot with USb in drive and se if you can then install windows.

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