Acer Aspire One D250 Bundled Software

  Batch 15:59 27 Jan 2010

Have just taken delivery of one of the above (£189 from ebuyer, incl delivery and carry bag). It comes with WinXP Home and a whole host of bundled software. But I haven't booted up at all yet.

I don't really want any of the bundled software (just want WinXP, IE etc. really) and was wondering whether, depending upon the way the software is "provided", I could circumvent installation and thereby avoid uninstalling it all again and avoiding any uninstall issues at the same time.

I read something on a forum that suggested that, rather than being pre-installed, the bundled software isn't actually installed until one boots for the first time (and that some master launcher is kicked off that somehow controls this).

Does anyone know any more on this and how easy it is to interrupt the instllation without any unwanted side effects?

  mooly 17:00 27 Jan 2010

You need to RTFM :) (Read the flippin' manual)

You might find it on Acers site, if not a preinstalled pdf version may well be preinstalled already... they always were... so look at the recovery options.
I think on some later Acer laptops, I have seen what you ask... it's a case of running a factory recovery without bundled software. Then there is another option to reinstall with bundled stuff.

  Batch 17:05 27 Jan 2010

Thanks mooly, but from what I've read already, the recovery partition already exists but is empty and one of the first things you get prompted to do is run Acer eRecovery Manager to create a backup (which one might then subsequently recover from).

Acer eRecovery Manager sounds a tad like Acronis True Image (but Acer claim it is an in-house development, so I assume it isn't a licensed version of ATI or Ghost). In fact Acer eRecovery Manager is one of the things I don't want to install (as I'll use ATI).

  mooly 18:28 27 Jan 2010

Acer erecovery is just like Acronis.

Also though, there is a hidden partition accessed from erecovery to restore the whole system to day one condition. There is on all Acers I know of.

And thirdly, Acers keep reminding you to create your own recovery discs (DVD) which is a copy of that hidden partion so that you can reinstall even if you can't boot into windows.

Page 9 here,
click here

  mooly 19:05 27 Jan 2010

Just to be clear on that, the hidden partiton is a factory copy of the operating system... it's not related to backups that you create.
The hidden partition is just that... hidden and inaccessable... you can not write data to it.

Erecovery stores your backups on the D partition and works just like Acronis with similar options, full, incremental, differential etc.

  Strawballs 22:19 27 Jan 2010

If it is anything like the Acer one I was recently asked to see why it is running so slow don't put to much on it as it only has a 8gig SSD Cdrive and it was full up with only 170meg of space left.

It had an 8gig SDHC memory expansion card but that was empty.

  Batch 23:37 27 Jan 2010

No - its a different animal.

N270 1.6Ghz processor, 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD

  morddwyd 07:27 28 Jan 2010

My Acer has recovery partitions for reinstalling the whole system, just the O/S, or just the bundled software.

Don't use eRecovery, restart the system and press Alt F10 while the Acer logo is showing (you should check to ensure that disc-to-disc recovery is enabled in the BIOS before you start).

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