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Acer aspire laptop 5920G Acer Recovery Mgmt

  anniesboy68 19:53 04 Apr 2009

This question is directed to an Acer user, if possible. Have just purchased second hand [used]. I'm a little confused over backup arrangments,i.e Acer eRecovery Management.I've created a recovery disk "Factory defalt disk" which works as I had to do a recovery. Am I right in assuming that the Full backup, with the option to do a fast back up later creats a recovery disk INCLUDING all the applications/windows updates etc etc. AB68

  rickf 23:15 04 Apr 2009

I believe so. I have created backup discs as well in case I wish to return to Vista later as I have downgraded to XP Home today. REason being Vista was giving me a lot of problems with my recording software.

  Quiet Life 16:45 05 Apr 2009

Re earlier thread on similar subject I can clarify some incorrect points I made. I did not get any replies re my questions on cluster sizes and did a work around using XXclone by cloning C to D formatting C with 4kb clusters and then cloning D back to C. All worked fine but then I decided to incorporate the 5gb restore partiion into D partition aand although it seemed OK Windows would not load with a missing dll file message. What I discovered on using the the 1st recovery disc again was that it only restores C drive exactly as it was from new in FAT 32. It does not restore the hidden recovery partiton, which I had almagamated into D, or effect D at all. I used free program EASEUS Partiton Manager to change C to NFTS and created a third partiton in which I backed up C, using XXclone, after installing various programs and files etc.
I have used XXclone for a couple of years, it is free,and it has worked twice for me on another computer when XP failed. Hopefully I should not need the Acer recovery disc again. Disc 1 never called for Disc 2 so it was not used. I do not know what was on Disc 2 but nothing seems to be missing

  anniesboy68 19:45 05 Apr 2009

Ok, thanks, will have a close read of all this asap. Thanks againall who have contributed, so far!.

  Quiet Life 21:26 05 Apr 2009

E recovery is contained in the hidden partition so it went when I deleted and merged that partition. Apart from creating the original recovery discs I had never used it. I rely on XXclone and update laptop files from main computer using Laplink. It is a never ending learning curve.

  anniesboy68 14:04 06 Apr 2009

Is this XXClone compatable with Vista then???

  Quiet Life 23:22 06 Apr 2009

XXclone is not compatable with Vista. I had ditched Vista and reinstalled XP.

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