Acer Aspire 7520 boot loop

  slapdash243 19:16 28 Mar 2009

I have ran into a problem with my acer aspire 7520.I started the laptop as usual and it started no problem.I then left the room and when i returned the laptop was switched off.When i now try to boot it up it goes into a cycle of spinning up the harddrive,switching on the power light button and then switching them bith off and then retrying again.The only way to stop the process is to remove the battery.I am unable to access the bios as this all happens within 4 seconds and it goes back into its cycle of trying to reboot.I have removed the harddrive and replaced with a new one,checked the ram and slots by moving the ram sticks around but i am now at a loss as to what it could be.The laptop does this on both battery power and mains electricity,the battery is getting charged up no problem.Has anyone ran into this problem before and found a solution.Is it in need of a new motherboard.The laptop is just over a year old and just out of warranty.It runs vista home premium,has both ram slots filled,had very little dvd use.Any help would be much appreciated.Thanks.

  howard64 09:46 29 Mar 2009

if you know the key to press for the bios keep it pressed as you apply the power and with luck it will open. As you have opened the laptop up try disconnecting the dvd drive in case it has shorted out. Being just out of warranty does not alter the fact that the equipment should be of purpose. Try the place you bought it from and if you tell them that you intend getting an independant report on the problem and will then take action against them you generally get somewhere. In England you have up to 6 years to claim for something not fit for purpose it is only 5 years in Scotland.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:40 29 Mar 2009

Stuck in power saving loop

reset BIOS to defaults by removing CMOS battery for 10 mins the switch off power options when you can get back into BIOS.

  slapdash243 14:41 29 Mar 2009

Have you any idea where the CMOS battery is it like a large watch battery?

  howard64 16:38 29 Mar 2009

yes it is large a large watch batter normally a CR2032 or so about the size of a 10p coin

  slapdash243 16:49 29 Mar 2009

Many thanks...i'll take it apart and see if i can find it and check.

  howard64 17:02 29 Mar 2009

disconnect from supply and remove main battery first. I also suggest you look in the manual or download one if you have not got the paper one to hand. It will show you where the battery is located and also if there are contacts to be jumpered [shorted out] to clear the bios. Just removing the battery does not necessarely clear the bios immediately you may have to leave the battery out for half an hour or more.

  ktulm 21:17 23 Apr 2009

hello, i had the same problem on my acer 7520g laptop. i tried lots of solutions: crisis disk from acer, fn+esc method, bootable cd etc.. i thought my bios was gone, but in fact it was just a hardware problem... actually i simply have to press tightly near the touchpad and the laptop succeeds in booting!!

hope it will help you :)

  slapdash243 03:34 16 Jul 2010

I've finally gotten the acer back up and running now and the fix was an extremely easy one.All i had to do to get it working was to unplug the power lead...start it up...and let it continually boot until the battery was flat...i just left it going overnight.When i plugged it back in the next morning the boot problem was gone.

  fil27 15:02 09 Jun 2011


if you have a acer 7520 with bootloop i can solve it for about £ 70 your always free to contact me

  Jake7 19:48 05 Aug 2011

I can confirm that the above fix works for the boot loop problem on the Acer 7520.

I unplugged the AC Adapter and let the battery run flat while the boot loop was in progress. When the laptop shows no activity on battery power I restarted it using the AC Adapter and it booted up first time.

Tip - Remove the Hard Drive from machine before you let the laptop run flat on the boot loop. This will ensure there is no damage to the Hard Drive from the continually restarts.

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