Acer aspire 5732z screen dead

  Andanotherthing 09:02 06 Aug 2014

Hi - guessing screen has died as everything sounds as if it is booting up ok and the blue HD light is flashing. Is this common with these laptops? Any tips?

  Secret-Squirrel 11:52 06 Aug 2014

Problems where the laptop appears to boot up but there's nothing on the screen are quite common with laptops. Most of the time it's easy to fix so remove the power cable, remove the battery, then hold down the laptop's power button for a few seconds. Reconnect everything and see if that's worked.

  SparkyJack 19:33 06 Aug 2014

Also check the 'fn' keys a couple of them allow for screen/monitor toggling and in some cases machine screen off and monitor only.

  Andanotherthing 16:43 08 Aug 2014

Have tried to reply but my posts have not come through- so third time lucky?

Removing battery and ac cord and pressing power also has not worked.

Have swopped RAM around - no result

External monitor asks to check signal as it is receiving nothing- even when toggling fn keys.

F8 and F2 do not seem to be working

Originally there was a really really faint message saying Windows could not fix the problem so I was thinking - inverter?

Now HDD light does not flash on startup but fan comes on and it still sounds as if it is trying to boot....

  onthelimit1 17:38 08 Aug 2014

Not the inverter if external monitor doesn't work. If all the above has failed to correct problem, sounds like the graphics chip.

  Andanotherthing 15:22 16 Aug 2014

Thanks for that- I think graphics is part of the motherboard on this model?

Can I buy a caddy that I can plug the internal HDD into with a usb out so I can check the HDD out as an external drive on my PC?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:00 16 Aug 2014

Yes a caddy here

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