Acer Aspire 5613 L/top with screen fault

  Audio~~Chip 21:53 14 Mar 2010

my friend has passed on his faulty Acer Laptop with screen fault and he has bought new. When powering on the laptop it shows vertical lines all the way accross the screen and no actuall screen like Vista or boot or Acer logo at all then goes to a black screen.

If I wire it up to my 24"TFT via a VGA cable I boot laptop and get the lines and manage to see Acer logo then starting vista then it goes black to nothing visable on screen.

I am between thinking Back light, Screen invertor, TFT Panel screen, VGA Cable in laptop or motherboard graphics chip.

Shame the laptop has a fairly decent spec to scrap and I would be willing to spend upto £150 for a new screen on it.

Are there any Laptop techies who can narrow down my list of faults or help. I am familiar with stripping a laptop down but never done a screen yet.

  Audio~~Chip 22:08 14 Mar 2010

with the vertical lines there are like distortion lines showing horisonatally bit like a motor interference. There is a part on each side which looks like a blob patch of a different colour, and it get so far and stays on to loging ont windows after about 30seconds my working TFT looses synch with the display and my TFT goes into standby.

  skidzy 22:12 14 Mar 2010

First thoughts for me to confirm the screen is the problem !!

Can you try to boot into the bios or even safemode and if the same effect, then this confirms the screen is dead.

Then try to seek a replacement screen.

  cream. 22:12 14 Mar 2010

you get the same sort of distortion on the TFT screen as you do on the laptop screen when going through post and loading windows. It's a graphics chip/ motherboard .

If POST show up on the TFT and you get the lines when windows loads, it's a driver problem.

it sounds as if the screen on the laptop may be OK.

  cream. 22:17 14 Mar 2010

If the TFT shows the same or similar distortion to the laptop's screen, it's more likely to be motherboard/graphics chip or driver problem.

The acer I am using has been converted into a partial desktop. The screen went, similar to Audio~~Chip's problem. I connected a tft to it and disconnected the screen from the laptop.

The machine, a acer 4150 travel mate works fine connected to an external screen.

  Audio~~Chip 22:32 14 Mar 2010

and screen thought with different coloured lines and distortion was still evident.
I will try and run the acer windows recovery if I can manage to see the options you have to click on to start the process

So Cream you sugest its the Graphics or motherboard chip.

  cream. 22:46 14 Mar 2010

If the screen is distorted @ post and the bios. I would say the graphics chip and or motherboard.Try setting the tft @ 800x600 with 60 Hz from your desktop and then connect to the external vga socket on the laptop.

  cream. 22:50 14 Mar 2010

can come from break in the vga cable. Wiggle the vga cable to see if the distortion improves.

  Audio~~Chip 23:01 14 Mar 2010

Will try another VGA cable, but will have to borrow one tomorrow now.

  woodchip 23:33 14 Mar 2010

For me, the Graphics chip built into motherboard as gone kaput. not worth mending unless you can get a cheap motherboard, and some one to fix it for nothing

  Audio~~Chip 00:04 15 Mar 2010

looking that way. Oh well I could break it for bits I suppose. Thanks all for the calls.

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