Acer Aspire 3610 Laptop Recovery CD's

  KW2K 19:05 26 Nov 2007

Hi All,
Once again looking for the help of this community ! I want to restore my Acer Laptop back to Factory Default, but don't have the Recovery CD's. There is a utility on the Laptop to create them yourself, but this dosen't work. There is also a function to restore the laptop from a backup image, but this also dosen't work. I know it's a long shot, but just wonder if anyone out there has two recovery CD's that I am looking for for this model of Laptop (Aspire 3610). Any help much appreciated.


  woodchip 19:10 26 Nov 2007

Your best bet with this if running XP, is borrow a XP CD and do a Repair. It needs to be same version i.e XP Home etc. After you get it sorted Get Acronis True Image and Create your own Restore By creating a Image with the above

  KW2K 19:34 26 Nov 2007

Hi Woodchip, Yes I had thought of that. The reason I want to restore the laptop to factory default is that when I switch my laptop on, it takes about 20 min to log in. When I check Task Manager, nothing appears to be running in the back ground, however the HD light is flashing big time for ages. I have ran all the usual Spybot, adaware, virus protection etc.. but nothing is showing up. All my work is backed up, so restoring to factory default seamed the right thing to do. I have a Win XP Home CD from a PC that I built myself, just wondering if I could use that along with the product code from the laptop ? Do you think this would work ? Then use Acronis to create a new image.


  KW2K 19:38 26 Nov 2007

Hi Newuser007,
Using the Alt +F10 brings up the eRecovery Console ok, selecting the various options still does let me create a recovery CD or even restore from a image. Going to have a look at the Recovery option in the Bios, where is exactly in the bios is it, do you know ?


  SANTOS7 20:00 26 Nov 2007

If you contact Acer and tell them your problem they should supply you with the discs you need...

  KW2K 20:14 26 Nov 2007

Hi All, thanks for all your help so far, however everything I am doing is correct. I'm going to contact Acer to see if they will send me out a new set of Recovery CD's and hopefully that should get me up and running again. The system they have got for creating a recovery cd good if it works, but in my case it dosen't ! Thanks again for your help.

  woodchip 00:34 28 Nov 2007

It sounds like your Anti-Virus is scaning the Drive when you boot up. Try to Disable Auto Scan and put it on Maual

  yonex24562 14:37 28 Nov 2007

Don't know how much this will help. We have an Acer 1360 which only had 256mb of ram when we got it. After getting fed up with waiting for well over ten minutes for it to boot up we increased the ram by another 512mb and now it is ready to go in under two minutes. Wish we had tought about doing that a long time as the difference in performance was astounding. Cheers.

  basmusicman 02:33 11 Dec 2007

Dont know if you have sorted out your problem yet but i have a recovery dvd for the acer aspire 3160 if your interested

  basmusicman 02:35 11 Dec 2007

sorry i ment acer aspire 3610 not 3160

  KW2K 20:38 11 Dec 2007

Hi Basmusicman,
Thanks for your response for the recovery disk for my Acer 3610 Laptop. As yet I do not have the Recovery disk, after having paid Acer £50 and waited now about two weeks, still no sign of them. I have phoned Acer on a premium rate number only to be told they take about 12 working days to be delivered ! If I don't get anything in the post in the next few days, I will take you up on your offer, if that's ok. I appreciate your help in this matter.


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