Acer Aspire 1312XC Laptop took an uppercut

  myfoot 21:48 30 Aug 2006

Won't go into the details. As far as I can tell my HDD is dead. When I power up I get
Splash with option to ESC for boot sequence or F2 to configure for a second, then nothing .
If I opt for ESC, then default boot is CD, if I set this to C: and enter then nothing,
escept HD light lights and stays on no flicker and no chnage.
I have the following questions:

1. Has anbody done a HD swap on an Acer, i.e. do I need something from the old disc. I
have the 3 recovery CD's that came withthe laptop.

2. Are all laptop HD's of same dimension suitable as replacement.My HD is Toshiba MK2018GAP.

Realise I will probably have to Acer for definite answer to Q 1. But maybe somebody
has replaced laptop HD with generic type.

  Eric10 22:43 30 Aug 2006

The Toshiba MK2018GAP is a 20GB 2.5" hard drive which spins at 4200RPM and can be replaced by any similar drive. 4200RPM had been the standard speed on laptop drives for a long time but faster drives are now available and could be used. Laptop hard drives are usually fitted inside a frame that is specific to the laptop but the drive inside the frame is a standard size 2.5" drive. The faulty drive can be removed from this frame and a new one fitted in its place.
I would expect the recovery CDs to recover to any new hard drive but if you fit one with a larger capacity and run into problems then you could always start again and create a 20GB partition to recover to. You can then partition and format the remainder of the drive in Windows and use it as a data drive.
On some PCs there is a hidden partition on the hard drive but I think that this is unlikely as you have a set of 3 CDs for recovery. The information on this website seems to support this click here.

  myfoot 22:52 30 Aug 2006

Thanks Eric10. you're better at finding Acer info than I. I emailed acer anyway. Counting the pins on my hdd I found 47 or probably 43 if you exclude the group of 4 which are presumably power pins. What I see for sale are 44 pin. Is this the same thing?

  woodchip 23:44 30 Aug 2006

Laptop drives should fit but in the past some only worked with certain drives. I have not long ago updated my Laptop drive from a 30gb 4200rpm to a 60gb 7200rpm, I would say it will work with any 2.5ins laptop drive. But whether you will get your restore discs to work is another matter

  Eric10 09:34 31 Aug 2006

Yes, the drives are described as 44 pin but one of the pins is missing to form a locator just as standard 3.5" drives are described as 40 pin but again one pin is missing so they actually only have 39.

  myfoot 18:50 31 Aug 2006

Eric10. Yeah I think origonally the Acer HD had an extra partition, but that disapeared after I did first reinstall 4 or 5 months back. It wouold be hoping for a lot that Acer would give me some modifiers so that I could partion and format 40Gb HD as looking at the site where I will probably buy, all the laptop HD's are 40Gb (origonal was 20) If the recovery only gives me 20Gb I might get back here to you for advice on opening the remaining 20. Are laptop HD's sold without the logic-board?

  Eric10 19:33 31 Aug 2006

The logic board is an integral part of the hard drive and not available separately as far as I know.

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