Acer 8930g

  LinH 19:18 09 Mar 2009

If anyone has got an Acer 8930g laptop can you confirm what the native resolution is please??

I have been in contact with various suppliers with a view to buying one but there seems to be some confusion regarding the screen resolution. Some say it's 1920*1080 and others say 1680*1050, (one supplier insisting it's the latter despite their website indicating it's the former!)

Also, is there a noticeable improvement over the 'old' 8920g? There is a big difference in the price so it would be interesting to see what actual users think.

Many thanks in advance.


  MAT ALAN 19:28 09 Mar 2009

three different websites suggest 1920 x 1080 is max resolution for this lappy...

  LinH 19:34 09 Mar 2009

Yeah, thanks for that MAT ALAN, I've also looked at several and they all indicate HD res.

It just seemed odd that a well known Acer specialist supplier was adamnant that it was 1680*1050. Perhaps he was just having a bad day, don't we all at times!



  MAT ALAN 19:42 09 Mar 2009

does this model come with varients per say different VGA output, memory or the likes that might make the difference...

  LinH 20:00 09 Mar 2009

Yes, there are several variants over a price range £750 to £1300.

The price differences, however, are reflected in improvements in components i.e. faster cpu and better graphics etc. The usual things one sees in desktop systems.

No, there are no 'sideways' movers, though I do take your (very relevant) point.



  MAT ALAN 20:07 09 Mar 2009

I would take it as read then, have to say tidy piece of kit...

  LinH 20:18 09 Mar 2009

Yep, it's my retirement present to myself!

Also, my six year old Dell desktop is beginning to show it's age so is being retired to a standby regime, unlike myself who will, no doubt, be landed with all those diy jobs that somehow never seemed to have got done!



  MAT ALAN 20:38 09 Mar 2009

then enjoy your retirement, regaring the DIY, tomorrows another day, could take you ages to get used to your present (wink)...

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