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Acer 5920 Laptop will not boot

  anniesboy68 12:22 04 Feb 2013

I'm looking at an Acer 5920 that will not boot up. I loaded Linux Mint on it some time ago. The symptoms are... start it up, then a few grating noises from the CD drive area, then it switches off, restarts and then more grating noises, and the remains on with no action and a blank scree. I have tried booting with the Mint disk, but to no avail. Any help on solving this would be appreciated. Could it be the BIOS perhaps. AB68

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:59 05 Feb 2013

Disconnect mains

remove battery

press and hold power key for 30 secs

reconnect mains only and retry.

  anniesboy68 14:14 05 Feb 2013

Just tried that fruitBat, no go, just the same as before. I'll give up on this, the owner is not worried said sling it if I could'nt succeed
Thanks for input, I see you are a regular "helper" AB68

  lotvic 14:50 05 Feb 2013

You could take the harddrive out and hook it up via usb or slave to another pc to see what's on it.

Also try an external monitor so you can view bios activity.

  woodchip 15:19 05 Feb 2013

As you say noise from DVD drive at boot, go into BIOS at boot and disable DVD drive or put it last on boot list to check when starting

  anniesboy68 16:23 05 Feb 2013

Hey chaps thanks for the inputs, but I must stress this laptop is completely dead after its initial attempts at booting, and also to note when I switch it off, off it goes immediately, within a second and in addition I must stress there is no display so I cannot get into the workings to alter anything, hence my posting that I will sell it as faulty

  woodchip 16:29 05 Feb 2013

have you tried booting just on mains, or the mains adapter may be no good so battery flat

  anniesboy68 22:52 05 Feb 2013

Have tried allt that, battery is ok. Am leaving it plugged in on mains for 24hrs to possibly charge the cmos battery ( read that somewhere )

  anniesboy68 16:26 06 Feb 2013

No Luck I am giving up on this now, so much time wasted. Thank you all for your suggestions etc. AB68

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