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Acer 5920 Laptop will not boot

  anniesboy68 12:22 04 Feb 2013

I'm looking at an Acer 5920 that will not boot up. I loaded Linux Mint on it some time ago. The symptoms are... start it up, then a few grating noises from the CD drive area, then it switches off, restarts and then more grating noises, and the remains on with no action and a blank scree. I have tried booting with the Mint disk, but to no avail. Any help on solving this would be appreciated. Could it be the BIOS perhaps. AB68

  anniesboy68 13:30 04 Feb 2013

Thanks for reply, have tried all those. The main problem is I have no screen display.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:45 04 Feb 2013

disconnect HDD and dvd see if it boots to an error message

  anniesboy68 17:39 04 Feb 2013

OK, thanks all will look int AB68 light or memory light "winking" as it would normally do in booting up.

  anniesboy68 17:40 04 Feb 2013

Please ignore previous post Thanks all.

  anniesboy68 18:41 04 Feb 2013

I'm sure its something to do with the booting process as there is no flickering of the hdd indicator normally experienced when booting up. As I idicated earlier everything goes quite after the (I suppose) attempts to boot. Sounds like attempts access the CD drive (the grating noises I mentioned earlier)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:57 04 Feb 2013

Normal boot order would be DVD followed by HDD

No bootable CD and then faulty drive I would expect to see an error message of some sort.

Check BIOS and set boot order as above save and exit and rety using the mint CD.

  anniesboy68 19:31 04 Feb 2013

Hello fruitbat.I cannot do that as I have nothing on the screen whatsoever

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:27 04 Feb 2013

Have you tried another bootable CD in it?

  anniesboy68 12:19 05 Feb 2013

Yes have tried two bootable Cds. Nothing is loading because when I swith off out goes all the lights immediately. I repeat, nothing is showing on the screen so there is nothing I can do. Perhaps give up and sell as faulty minjus the hard drive

  anniesboy68 12:25 05 Feb 2013

Sorry about the apparent spelling/letters missing'but Iam sending most posts using a tablet and the screen is very touch responsive and I am not quite used to it yet

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