Acer 5738 laptop broken screen

  wildhouse 21:22 02 Feb 2010

My daughter got the above new laptop for university in December. Last week the screen developed a black patch at the bottom of the screen and nothing could be seen apart from interference/lines. The hard drive etc still works as she was able to get the IT dept to get the work off the laptop onto her external drive. She sent it back to Curry's as it is less than 2 months old; they have said that it has been caused by accidental damage and that they will not repair it under guarantee. She did not drop the laptop although does admit she may have put it down roughly (she carried it upstairs and put it on her desk). I feel that if a laptop, which after all by definition is meant to be able to be moved, cannot withstand being put down on a desk, albeit it strongly, then it is not built adequately to start with, and is not 'fit for the purpose'. The casing of the screen is not cracked, although the LCD screen is (very slightly).

I would appreciate feedback on whether it is worth my while having a battle with Currys (it is going to cost £130 to repair).


  frankie 21:54 02 Feb 2010

if it developed black patch.she may have got pee,d off and roughly banged it down,as youngsters do,however 2 month old laptop in my opinion should be repaired,but then curry,s.have bad customer support,try again,if not go to trading standards,and have a go,bear in mind though you are up against curry,s and acer,not the best for customer support,at the end of the day if youngster was really rough,charge her for new one,best way to learn,is without one if she was rough .

  MAJ 22:02 02 Feb 2010

The fact that the screen developed a fault within two months of purchase was enough in itself to get Currys to repair or replace it free of charge, without arguement. The fact that the screen is now cracked means that Currys [rightly] has a reason not to repair or replace it free of charge. Obviously the screen wasn't cracked when you bought the laptop.

  wildhouse 22:03 02 Feb 2010

She doesn't remember being particularly rough with it, that is to say, she didn't hurl it down on the desk, but she may have 'dumped it' down! I have found a website page, click here where it would seem quite a few people with Acer laptops that have been used quite normally which have damaged screens within a month or so of buying, in some cases just by opening the laptop. She will have to get it mended as she needs it to complete her assignments, but I will fight all the way!

  wildhouse 07:33 03 Feb 2010

Hi Maj
Not sure what you mean here - you seem to be contradicting yourself! One the one hand you believe that a screen which cracks within two months should automatically be repaired/replaced by Currys, but on the other you say since it wasn't cracked when we bought it they shouldn't have to replace it it. My duaghter wasn't so rough with it that a screen would crack (and the casing is not cracked and the heard drive works). She moved it from one room to another and put it down - not unexpected use of a laptop!

  morddwyd 07:38 03 Feb 2010

It appears Acer mat be prone to this.

I have recently bought an Acer and while researching came across several posts alleging that Acer screens had cracked while opening/closing.

Do some searching under various keywords.

  birdface 10:07 03 Feb 2010

This from one of the forums that wildhouse has visited and it seems to confirm that it is not an isolated incident.

click here

  MAJ 10:40 03 Feb 2010

You have mis-read my reply, let me paraphrase the way I read your post, maybe I mis-understood it:

'My daughter's laptop screen developed a fault in that a dark patch appeared at the bottom of the screen enabling her to see nothing only interference lines. She was miffed at this so she went upstairs and "roughly" put it down on her desk. Now Currys wont fix it under warranty because the screen is cracked.'

Did I get that correct, wildhouse?

My response was saying that when the original fault (the screen developed a dark patch) occured, it was up to Currys to repair or replace it free of charge, as the laptop was less than six months old. You then told us that after your daughter put it down "roughly" a crack appeared. You then confirm this by saying that you think a laptop should be up to that kind of handling and because of that Currys should still repair it free of charge. Personally I don't think so, but of course it is your right to try and get Currys to do so. You say it your later post, "My duaghter wasn't so rough with it that a screen would crack". I have no reason to disbelieve you but it gives Currys that 'get out' clause.

Futher to this...... I do and have repaired many laptops (and desktops) and I have come accross some flimsy laptop lids, some flex alarmingly when they are opened by the side of the lid rather than directly by the centre of the lid and indeed one screen did actually crack when it was opened by the side of the lid, I can't remember the make of that laptop though.

  wildhouse 22:26 03 Feb 2010

Hi Maj
Thanks for the clarification. My daughter didn't put the laptop down because of the dark patch; she carried it up the stairs and then put it down. When she went to use it she then noticed the patch and the non-working screen. She never saw a crack at any time and the screen casing has remained intact. It was Currys who spotted the crack when she returned it under the guarantee. She is going ahead and having it mended, but with the posts I have seen online and my conviction that a laptop should be capable of being moved, as after all it isn't a desktop, I shall pursue it with Currys/Acer as far as I can.

  MAJ 22:48 03 Feb 2010

I hope you get a good result, wildhouse.

  ali5kids 15:27 11 Mar 2010

Hi i have just put a post up and then spotted yours my sons laptop(acer aspire 5732z) screen just cracked when he opened it. i only bought it for him on xmas eve so it's only 2 months old i'm in the process of returning it to acer for repair and i'm hopin they're going to do it for free i think they must know about this problem just hope i don't get charged for it

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