acer 5600U trying to connect to tv screen issue

  hugoboss38 21:06 06 Oct 2013

I have a acer 5600U I want to know can I use my tv as a monitor I've used the hdmi cable and I get my desktop onto my tv.but. That's it won't show anything else I can not get to show my pics or moves on my tv just shows my desktop screen What am I doing wrong or can I not use it as a monitor to do other things with it plz plz help

  rdave13 21:13 06 Oct 2013

Do you see the mouse cursor on the TV's desktop image?

  hugoboss38 17:36 07 Oct 2013

Yes I do but when I click on anything it dont show up on the tv but shows up on the pc screen

  Secret-Squirrel 19:59 07 Oct 2013

Hugo, it sounds like it's all working but it's set to extend your Windows Desktop rather than duplicate it. Try this:

Open a program and make sure its window isn't maximised. Grab the title-bar of the window and drag it all the way over to the left and keep going. Does it appear on your TV? If not then drag it to the right instead.

If you want to tweak things then you'll need to let us know your version of Windows.

PS: Because you're actually seeing the Windows Desktop on your TV I don't think you need to fiddle with the TV remote.

  hugoboss38 08:23 08 Oct 2013

It's windows 7

  Secret-Squirrel 08:58 08 Oct 2013

"It's windows 7"

OK, but what's the answer to my question? This should help illustrate the suggestion I made in my previous post.

I would have thought that you'd prefer an extended desktop - that way you can watch a movie or slideshow on your TV and still use your Acer's display to browse the web and do other stuff.

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