Ace HTML 00:07 01 Nov 2003

I have downloaded a copy of AceHTML 5 but cannot run it as I just get the error message about Kernal 32DLL

I have an old magazine disk with version 4 on it, is there much difference? I just want something a little better than Notepad. Any other suggestions that you have used yourself?

Cheers, Whiz...

  Taran 08:50 01 Nov 2003

AceHTML 5 is far better than version 4.

I'd be more concerned with sorting out your Kernel32.dll error for now.

click here for some general information on Kernel32.dll errors. It also has lots of remedies, depending on the exact nature of the error.

If you get that sorted it will help the general running of your computer, as well as allow you to use AceHTML.

Some alternatives for you could include Arachnophilia or Porgrammers File Editor. If you go for Arachnophilia I suggest you look for version 4 which is still out there if you hunt about a bit. The current version if excellent but you need a very hefty Java download to go with it and becasue it's a Java application itself it is very memory hungry.

Arachnophilia 4 and Programmers File Editor are old favourites of mine and while they do not have all the nive features of AceHTML, they are still excellent web page editors with built in HTML tag functions as well as support for many other coding languages.


Taran 14:50 01 Nov 2003

will try to sort the error (I dont get the message with any other apps).

I was tempted by Arachnophilia when I saw it but was put off by the Java download. Memory should not be a problem (I have 512Mb).

If I cant sort out the other problem I may go for that one. As I said, I dont really want anything fancy (I already use NOF) just something to take the toil out of keep typing tags in Notepad.
Cheers, Whiz...

  Taran 15:19 01 Nov 2003

Don't fool yourself about how much RAM you have.

Java applications are notoriously memory hungry. This is one of several reasons why you don't see anywhere near as many mainstream Java applications as those written in other languages.

This notebook I'm using now has 512mb of fast DDR RAM and when I load up the latest version of Arachnophilia it always shows between 65 and 85% rsources USED.

When I load up Arachnophilia version 4 and call up the task manager I still have a ton of free RAM, resource uise is low and swap file use almost nil.

I was unimpressed when version 5 of Arachnophilia went over to a Java based app. It is an excellent program in its own right and has a lot of useful features, especially where you need an editor for many languages, but there are certain areas where I don't like its implementation, which is why I do all of my work in version 4. The massive Java download needed to run it obviously works heavily against it, and when you first install it you need to do some interesting joggery pokery to get your default web browser recognised since this is not an automated process. I only keep the latest version installed to demsonstrate to students.



  Taran 15:20 01 Nov 2003

If you want version 4 and can't find it online for some reason, let me know and I'll upload it to one of my sites for you to download.

It is out there though, if you hunt around for it.


  Taran 15:23 01 Nov 2003

Your reversal of methodology is interesting.

I started out hand coding every site I did using text editors - Notepad in the main.

Looking back now I can see how difficult any project of significant size was commpared to the methods and software I use now.

How times have changed....

;o) 15:34 01 Nov 2003

but I just got bored with 'Put a picture here' and 'Enter text there'. When I wrote my first page in Notepad a couple of weeks ago I enjoyed seeing 'All my own work'.
As I often add odd snippets of code to the NOF basics, I thought this would be a better way to learn HTML thoroughly, rather than have it all done for you.

Thanks for the info, Whiz... 16:57 01 Nov 2003

Looks to be ideal, will let you know. 00:57 02 Nov 2003

Just been messing about with it for ten minutes, discovering the different tools etc.

Didn't think it would handle 4.01 strict code as it's an old program, but no problems so far when previewed. Now I can really get stuck into CSS by learning the hard way (everything's hard to a thick wrinkly like me!). I will still be using NOF for my existing sites, and hopefully get to know what's going on with the code as I am doing it.

Thanks again Taran, Whiz...

  Taran 09:44 02 Nov 2003

Good isn't it ?


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