Accused of illegal downloading of media content

  PeterB40 03:47 19 May 2018

How do I determine if my Mac laptop has been hijacked in some bittorrent theft scheme? I am fairly sure I don't know what any of this means. What can I do about it if I have been?

  alanrwood 10:01 19 May 2018

Usually you just get a warning from your ISP and a statement they are going to monitor for further infringements for a set time. Other than that they are unlikely to do anything else.

Who issued the warning to you.

  MJS WARLORD 13:08 19 May 2018

you could start by uninstalling all your internet modem or router drivers and do a clean install of them.... when you reinstall them use the security code to lock you pc to the modem and that way nobody will be able to use your internet without using the same code to link to the modem.... if you lost the code card it will be printed somewhere on the modem...… check add/remove from any items that you don't recognise as you could have something running in the background just waiting for you to go online ….. check all your browsers for add on that you don't recognise.

You must get this sorted as soon as possible because some isp's walk around with a big stick , they don't always accept that somebody else has highjacked your internet , some take the view that if its going through your modem its you that's doing it.

If you got nothing to hide ( no offence meant ) it might be worth ringing your isp and asking them if they have monitored any suspect activity from your modem.

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