Accusation of spamming??

  dave h 17:09 06 Aug 2004

A couple of my contacts (one in Australia and one in UK) have Received E-Mails (plus attachments) purporting to have come from their providers, with the following text -

"We have detected that your account was used to send a large amount of unsolicited commercial email during this week.
Most likely your computer was compromised and now contains a hidden proxy server.
Please follow instruction in order to keep your computer safe."

I'm assuming that this is Spam, but I can't find anything like it on the Symantec Or McAfee boards.

Anyone got any Info please???

  Valvegrid 17:44 06 Aug 2004

It may or may not be valid depending on what the instructions are. Most ISP's give very comprehensive instructions on security on their web site and may occasionally send emails to there customers like NTL have done in the past, but no attachments.

These are the instructions NTL give:

click here

Do you know what the instructions are? I personally wouldn't open any attechment, I don't who it's from, without proir agreement with the party sending me an attachment. Probably why I've never received a virus via email.

  canard 20:23 06 Aug 2004

Neighbour had similar email today- turned out to be Netsky. Symantec tool cleared it after AVG quarantined it. Was surprised as they are on dialup and I thought this was more likely for BB.

  canard 20:25 06 Aug 2004

Sorry- neighbour had similar email=not spam- it turned out that neighbour had Netsky which needed cleaning out.

  woodchip 20:29 06 Aug 2004

No need to do a complete check with Trojan and Spyware programs

  woodchip 20:31 06 Aug 2004

You not No

  polymath 20:52 06 Aug 2004

I had a similar email purporting to be from my ISP (Eircom). I emailed them about it (having a suspicious nature!). It wasn't from them, and they'd had other reports of the spoofing. The helpdesk man said it was probably the Beagle virus (nice name I thought, but I think he meant Bagle). They don't send out such emails, and I wouldn't think ISPs generally do.

  dave h 00:42 07 Aug 2004

Thanx for the input so far, it confirms my opinion that it is some sort of spoof.

My contacts didn't open the attachment (It seems my bending of their ears about the dangers of opening attachments has paid off!!)

I'll check out the beagle/bagle and netsky entries on the Symantec site tomorrow to see if I can positively identify which pest it is.

  end 01:16 07 Aug 2004

legitimate e mails from ISP"s dont have attachements ....?? do they...??

  Dan the Confused 01:31 07 Aug 2004

I agree. Any email that uses 'techy jargon' in an attempt to get you to open an attachment deserves only one thing - deletion!

  The Spires 10:19 07 Aug 2004

It seems lots of people had the same or similar email, I had one a couple of days ago.

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