Accurate Broadband Meter

  victormcd 12:53 02 May 2011

I am interested in forum opinions on the best most accurate broadband meter

In the space of just a few days I have noticed exta amounts on my BT Broadband bill for going over a 10 gig limit (which I cannot imagine ever doing and which hasn't happened before/no change in browsing habits) and the allowance I pay for on my phone (HTC Desire HD on 3(tethered)) being sucked away at an alarming rate causing me to have to up both limits (albeit just a tenner a month for both).

Beware: you don't get emails from BT saying you been charged xtra or have have passed or are approaching the limit you'll just spot it on your bill!!

  bremner 13:18 02 May 2011

I am with BT and oOn the occasions I exceeded my 10GB limit I received an email. Likewise in January when approaching my new limit I received an email warning me of such.

Are you aware of the BT Usage monitor you can find on your online account.

  victormcd 13:40 02 May 2011

Yes I am aware of it and that's what I am trying to calibrate. No emails here at all :(

  wee eddie 14:08 02 May 2011

This is what I use: Just remember to "re-set" it at the beginning of each month. Broadband Choices Monitor

  bremner 14:21 02 May 2011

Wee Eddie

Correct me if I am wrong but that application only measures the amount used by a particular computer not the total for a house with several computers and a couple of phones accessing the router.

  bremner 14:26 02 May 2011


Have you checked that the email recorded in the 'Personal' section of your profile in My BT is correct?

I do not think there is any calibration available - it simply tells you how much you have used.

  victormcd 15:14 02 May 2011

@Bremner : Yes I have checked and it is the proper address. Calibration in this sense means checking the official monitor against independent meters

@wee eddie : Cheers I'll take a look at that

I simply do not believe that I am using anything like 10gb per month all of a sudden. There are no extraneous factors at play, no new computers on my network, no viruses/trojans/worms (clean installed recently).

I moved from Sky to BT and when with the former I never ever went over 5gb so I reckon this reported (and charged!!!) usage is wrong

  johndrew 11:31 03 May 2011

I use NetMeter link text which needs little setting up, is accurate enough for general use and will quickly show if you are at risk of using more than your allowance. The meter shows current activity as well.

However I am unaware of any software that will show the usage by a 'parasite' as mentioned above. If you are using wireless then you need to check out your security and if necessary change passwords and advise BT. If you are wired, then it is still possible that someone has gained access to your username and password so these should be changed on the site and again BT advised. People think that being wired will protect from a parasite but if your username and password are used on a broadband enabled line it can be used. I know because when my daughter comes home she uses her account on my telephone line.

  minilite 14:56 03 May 2011

At the end of Feb i had 3.81 gb on my BT broadband meter ,by the 4th of March my broadband meter was registering 4.6gb and it kept registering until i had 13gb registered by 30th march,as i do not use the 10 gb for my bt broadband i put in a complaint to BT that the meter had not reset itself,needless to say i was put through to various depts until i got sick of complaining. Their stance is that it cannot happen,i know that it did.I had an e,mail in April to say that as i had gone over the limit for march ,but in this instance they would not charge me for it.So broadband meters are not all they are cracked up to be.

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