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  pat2068 02:26 07 May 2003

i do books and i have to do them on a monthly basis i start in april and finnish in march can anyone tell me if ther is a software program that will let go from month to month with dates using the return key thanks

  Yoshtar 08:10 07 May 2003

Not my kinda thing, but you could look at Microsft Money of 'Sage' do an accounting package.

Both are relatively expensive but it depends on how much you're willing to spend.

If you're after a cheaper option then maybe they'll be something on Ebay.

  Dave123 08:16 07 May 2003

I do all my accounts using excel, probably not quite as easy to set up initially as a bought one and certainy does not have all the facilities, but it serves my needs. I have a file for each year and in each file a page for each month.

  solano 09:21 07 May 2003

You can't really beat SAGE. They have a few 'light' packages out there as opposed to the mega expensive corporate ones. In terms of number of hours, there is little point setting up your own when the professional package points you to all you need in a fraction of the time - and does all the calcs for you (e.g. VAT RETURNS etc).

  Mango Grummit 09:28 07 May 2003

It depends I think on what you need these books for. If you are just doing purchase/sales ledgers then simple home-made spreadsheets can be perfectly adequate. Also of course you can use Money or one of the several freeware proggies there are about.

But if you need a full accountancy package to not only to record ins/outs, balances, wages, management information, Money due to IR and VAT etc. then Sage does take some beating. Also the information generated from Sage is easily transferable to an accountant for tweaking to best advantage. (Only accountants are truly capable of going that.)

  Mango Grummit 09:30 07 May 2003

Snap! More or less :o)

  Belatucadrus 11:09 07 May 2003

click here or click here for Chrysanth accountant 98, it's a free package, with some limitations on reports. I haven't used it so can't vouch for it. Big download at 14.5 MB, but could be worth a look.

  STEVE71163 11:32 07 May 2003

I use Quickbooks 2003 regular and find it the best accounting package i have used but i used to use a bookeeping package called Dosh cashbook that is a very simple system and is avaliable from click here for £65.00 or if you need to open a business account Lloyds TSB will get you the package with lifetime support free. (Thats how i got it anyway) Hope this helps!

  Alan2 12:23 08 May 2003

I use NatWest Book-Keeper available as a free CD from any branch or download from their site.

You'll not be asked for proof that you bank with them.

It is a badged version of one of TAS Software's basic accounting packages.

I recommend it.


  pat2068 19:52 08 May 2003

alan i have looked on the natwest page and cannot find the download could you please direct me to where it is thanks mary

  Alan2 21:11 08 May 2003

Mary, try this.

click here

It took me a long time to locate it.

Good luck.


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