Accidentaly hitted my monitor,and this mark appear

  Echo ' 22:52 01 Sep 2018

hello everybody, i have little bit a problem now, my monitor is aoc gaming g2260wq6, i accidentaly punched my monitor with microphone, my mic is on the boom arm, and i punched my arm and it hit my monitor.. Maybe there is an idea how to fix it, maybe push it or something? Thanks a lot for help ;D

Here's the photo of the mark:click here

  KEITH 1955 09:11 02 Sep 2018

when you hit the monitor screen you almost cracked it , its a stress mark , the same thing appears on a car windscreen if hit by a stone chip.

new monitor required because you wont see whats on the screen your eyes will just keep focusing on the mark and it will annoy the hell out of you

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