Accidental Download HELP

  D-Frame 23:45 27 May 2005

I accidentally downloaded something which i didnt wanna see, and i'm not wondering if there is a program which will stop this being found out? Becuase i dont want the law on me for downloaded something by accident.

  Forum Editor 00:02 28 May 2005

The law isn't going to come knocking because of one accidental download. Just delete whatever it was, and carry on with your life - you don't need any special software, and I'll be your witness if you're arrested.

  D-Frame 00:05 28 May 2005

Well i told someone about my incident and like he is saying he is going to report me to the police and i'll be locked up for 4 years or something...

  leo49 00:07 28 May 2005

I feel a Friday night wind-up coming on.

  D-Frame 00:07 28 May 2005

This aint no wind up. I'm being serious.

  Kev.Ifty 00:13 28 May 2005
  Pooke100 00:40 28 May 2005

Forum Editor, no one is to do anything over a simple honest download mistake delete it and forget it ever happened.

Goodnight all.


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