Accessing a secure website using Internet Explorer

  bon bon 17:55 25 Jul 2004

I hold some shares on click here, When I log onto the site using Internet Explorer 6.0 when I enter my UserID/password I enter the site successfully but when I then try and access lower level pages in the site it kicks me back out to the login page. The problem PC (Generic, 2.4GHz, 256 Mb, XP Home) acts as a link to the internet for another PC (Laptop, XP Professional) that can successfully access all pages on the website. It makes no difference if I disable the XP firewall, or switch off McAfee anti-virus/Adaware 6/Spy sweeper, the problem still occurs on the problem PC. I've transferred all of the Internet options from the PC that can access the site to the problem PC to ensure all the conditions are the same (SSL 2.0, SSl 3.0 and TLS 1.0 are all enabled on the Security tab- Tools, Internet options. Any suggestions anyone?

  rpb40 19:27 25 Jul 2004

Something similar happened to me using Norton Internet Security. In the end I had to disable NIS to access secure sites. However I'm not sure that it applies to you as you seem to get past the log in stage. You do not say if this is the only secure site with which you have problems. If so, my money would be on the web site, not you. And it probably won't be fixed until after the weekend when the web manager is back at his desk.

  bon bon 19:56 25 Jul 2004

I seem to be able to access all pages on other secure websites without any problems.

  end 22:07 25 Jul 2004

??is that site "available" at the moment?? as I have just tried . and get "page unavailable".....

  GaT7 22:57 25 Jul 2004

bon bon, their Technical help page click here? doesn't offer much, except to make sure that cookies are enabled in your browser, which I'm sure they are. A long shot - check to see that both PCs are the same in this regard (under the Privacy tab).

end, the site seems inaccessible because bon bon inadvertently put a comma where a full stop should've been ; ) Try this - click here. G

  end 23:32 25 Jul 2004

well...that was a fun- dip in!!! according to it, I dont exist!!......(the "end" of me for the forum???...yays.....!!!)

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