Accessing Regedit In XP

  User-C5CE72DE-020B-4DD8-A95855D47F731F00 22:14 18 Jun 2004

I have just spent a couple of hours trying to get rid of nasties using Adaware, Spybot and AVG. However, I now can't access the registry by using 'regedit'. Either nothing happens or a dial-up dialogue box appears which, if followed through, introduces Purity Scan, which I thought Spybot had already deleted.

I keep going round in circles here. In other words, whenever I connect to the net, as I am now by contacting the PC Advisor help forum, Purity Scan and Power Scan etc keep reappearing. How can I stop these pests completely and get access to my registry again please?

Also, does anyone know how to get rid completely of web site addresses from the home page box on the internet connections screen. I notice that when a virus or whatever changes the default setting, when you type in the correct one, a long list of possible alternatives appears and yet I can't see how to get rid of these.

Many thanks.

  ianeon 22:17 18 Jun 2004

A thought would be - switch off "system restore" before you try to do any remedial work.

  THE TERMINATOR 22:57 18 Jun 2004

Have you looked in add/remove programs for any nasties that have installed themselves and are trying to access the internet....TT

  VoG II 23:03 18 Jun 2004

This may be caused bu a virus. Search for regedit.exe and rename it to

Remember to change it back once you have cleared the nasty.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:08 18 Jun 2004

Go to start-run and type regedt32.exe This should open your registry editor. If it does not open update your AV and do a full virus check, as this symptom is usually virus related.


  gudgulf 23:09 18 Jun 2004
  bretsky 23:22 18 Jun 2004

Mantle click here
click on VoG link and it will tell you all about purityscan and how to remove it.

I had this last weekend, but I had the advantage that I could get into the registry. sorted now!

Good luck

bretsky ;0)

Thanks for all the help so far but I'm still in a pickle.

(1) I can't access the registry by any of the alternative means suggested.

(2) I've run updated AVG which found a virus called 'BackDoor.Agent.BA' but when attempting to move it to the virus vault a dialogue box informed me that 'FileC:\Windows\System32\SQLJPM.DLL cannot be removed'.

(3) I've switched 'System Restore'off and checked in 'Remove Programmes'for anything which has installed itself.

(4) I've run updated Adaware again and removed all the rubbish but I keep getting a dialogue box from 'Adware' and an attempt to start an internet connection. When I'm on the internet (as I am now) the 'Adware' programme tries to download over and over again but since I can't get into the registry, I can't stop it.

Any more ideas please?

  harps1h 07:11 19 Jun 2004

you could try spybot or adaware. they will remove any nasties.

I have just discovered I can't go back to any system restore point other than a date in the current month. (That is, I can't go back to any date before June at the moment.) Is this normal please? If not, how can I set about correcting the problem?

Many thanks

  jack 12:08 19 Jun 2004

Try the what I thought was obvious but perchance it is'nt

Start/Run/type regedit/ OK /
Then Ctrl /F

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