Accessing this - the PCA website

  GORAL 19:30 14 Feb 2005

I have had troubles for months now - when I open this site, my member details are blank. If I touch G (the first letter of my email address the box beneath presents me with my email address. I then have to enter my username. Yes, of course, I tick 'remember my details', and I can then log in and use the site ok.

However next time I try to enter the same thing happens.

It's a bit of a nuisance. I have contacted the Forum Editor who advised re cookies etc., and since then I have experimented with many different settings of my security and cookie handling, but as yet I havn't solved it.

I am using XP Home SP2 with a reasonable modern PC. Does anyone have any ideas please? Is there anything else I can try adjusting?

  bremner 19:33 14 Feb 2005


IE6 > Tools > Internet Options > Content > Autocomplete and put a tick in the Usernames and Passwords on Forms.

  GORAL 19:45 14 Feb 2005

bremner - many thanks for your speedy response.

I will give your suggestion a try and let you know result. I hope it works although I note your post begins with 'Try'

Any more suggestions anyone please?

  bremner 19:50 14 Feb 2005

You will learn that when it comes to computers it is only the foolish who would state "This will definitely work" ;o)

  GORAL 19:57 14 Feb 2005

bremner - your last remark, noted. How true and I learned that some time ago!

I checked Autocomplete - the box for Usernames and Passwords on Forms was already checked.


  [email protected] 20:00 14 Feb 2005

Which browser are you using? I use Firefox but I think IE the same in this respect: You are prompted to "remember passwords for this site" so there must be a box somewhere for you to tick something like Never Remember/Always Remember and Prompt Each time - sort of thing. There is also the possibility you have your browser settings to "clear everything" each time you switch off. I didnt use IE for some time so will see if I can find what I am talking about and refresh myself at the same time ;-)

  GORAL 20:06 14 Feb 2005

[email protected] I am using IE and have done for a long time without this problem. As far as I am aware I have not altered any settings other than the ones I initially referred to.

Anything useful you can find out would be appreciated.

  [email protected] 20:12 14 Feb 2005

Strange - the only thing I can think of then is have you installed some sort of IE Privacy/CleanSweep utility which not only clears your tracks while surfing but also any info you save whilst doing so? It could be overiding the settings you think you have on IE.

  Graham ® 20:13 14 Feb 2005

Have you looked to see if you have any cookies?

  GORAL 20:24 14 Feb 2005

[email protected] and Graham - thanks for responses. I do use several utilities of the type you mean, i.e. Cookie Wall from AnalogX, Mailwasher, Spybot S & D and Adaware.

NONE of these have been installed recently.

Cookie Wall in case you're not familiar with it allows me to deal with new cookies by either deleting them, banning them or allowing them. Naturally the PCA site is in the 'allow' list.

  Graham ® 20:34 14 Feb 2005

Even so, have you looked to see if you have a PCA cookie?

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