[DELETED] 11:57 17 Oct 2003

Hi, I am thinking of buying a laptop so that I can access my files and use my broadband internet connection when I am away from home. Can I do this without having to plug the laptop into a phone line? and if so then do I have to be near any "access" points, what exactly are these and where are they found? Thanks

  graham√ 12:36 17 Oct 2003

You can't access your home broadband away from home, you will need a seperate package.

Wireless Broadband is in its infancy, there are a few sites in public places but I haven't found a site listing them. You would need to be near a 'Hotspot', and signed up for that location.

The most common method at the moment is using mobile phone technology, where you have a mobile inside the laptop to access the internet. This is slightly faster than 56K dial-up, but you incur a mobile call charge.

Accessing your files is another matter. Your PC would need to be on and configured as a server. I know nowt about that!

  [DELETED] 14:39 17 Oct 2003

Hi Graham, Thanks for the information. The Mobile phone inside the laptop sounds interesting, can you tell me the name of a company which may sell these laptops, and what is the technology called?....Thanks

  graham√ 15:06 17 Oct 2003

Just about any laptop can be fitted with the facility. I don't know if it has a specific name, but any High Street phone shop or PC World type of place will point you in the right direction.

  [DELETED] 15:11 17 Oct 2003

OK Thanks Graham.....Val

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