Accessing O.Express from B.T B.Band

  Furkin 14:51 08 May 2006

Hi all,
I have just had the dubious honour of having my 2.2 B.B upgraded to,,,, 3mbps ! At least I now have a router that 'should' allow faster speeds when my line allows ???
My problem is, that from today (upgrade day) I can no longer access my O.Express accounts. I have been on BT Basic for 16 months & in all that time, have been able to get my incoming messages from 2 accounts on O.Express.
I have called BT Helpdesk,,,,, but they say that the other ISP's must have a problem ! I repeated a dozen times that I was using them both last night (from BT Basic) but cannot do it since the 'upgrade'. (I'm not that bothered about 'sending' messages from O.E accounts (tho' that might be nice at some point) but I would like to get back to receiving them)
Can anyone out there tell me where I might have gone wrong please ?

  Skills 15:46 08 May 2006

Have a look in the settings in OE fire up OE and then tools | accounts | mail tab you should see your BT mail account listed here make sure that is highlighted and then click properties on the connection tab check to see if its selected to use your local area network or any available and not the dial up connection only.

  Furkin 16:12 08 May 2006

SKILLS: Thanks - Only my 2 O.Express accounts (v21 = 7 addresses] & Supanet = 5 addresses]) show up there,,,,,, the BT A/c isn't there & never has been.
I didn't have to alter anything in O.E when I was on 'BASIC'.
I do realise that I am now using a Router (210) connected to LAN,,, wheras on Basic I was using a 105 connected to USB - is this where my problem lies do you think ?

  johnnyrocker 17:33 08 May 2006

check you connection settings in the mail account properties as you may need to change that as your net connection is now different.?


  yaesu 17:50 08 May 2006

Hi, as part of your "upgrade" did you also update BT's browser? this may have upset the settings for OE. Reagrds, yaesu

  Furkin 17:50 08 May 2006

Hi again Johnny,
thanks for that,,,, just before I read it I did change the connection to "ANY AVAILABLE" & it seems (!!) to have done the trick - time will tell !
I'll just have to make sure that I can still log-on to the O.E things, in case I need to send from them (unless it's poss to send from the Broadband ?)
Will tick this as resolved for the time being,,, with thanks to all

  Furkin 17:56 08 May 2006

YAESU: Thanks - I didn't think that I did,,,, but the Mail page that I work from has altered slightly (different buttons styles > Bookmarks (instead of faves) etc,,, so maybe other things (settings) have changed also !
If anyone can tell me what is/was likely to change, it might help me in the future !
all the best to you all

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