Accessing my email via the internet?

  Brazils 00:27 17 Aug 2003

I have email accounts with Lineone and Virgin, and I wish to access the accounts while on holiday, by using an Internet Cafe for example.

I have accessed my email account via the internet at home before, by accessing the email web site of the ISP, but I can't remember how its done. I read and deleted emails via the internet, and did not use Outlook Express.

I have visited both ISP sites but the info I need has not been found.

Help please?

I travel in the morning!!!

  Forum Editor 00:40 17 Aug 2003

is accessed via the ISP's site.

In the case of a lineone address you must go to the tiscali site click here and click the link that says 'free email' at the top of the homepage. Enter your username (your email address) and password to login and read your mail.

On the virgin site, click here and click on 'My mail' on the left of the page.

Enjoy your holiday.

  Dave Bowman 00:41 17 Aug 2003

Try the site below.

Make sure you use a secure connection and be VERY careful of doing anything sensitive i.e. financial in an Internet Café etc. A guy in the States was recently convicted of stealing data, passwords, PIN numbers etc after planting key logging software in a number of establishments.

click here

  krypt1c 00:46 17 Aug 2003

Most ISPs allow you to check email from their home page. Try going to each home page and doing a search. Another option is to set up an email account with one of the web based providers.
click here
You can set up your account to check pop3 mail

  Brazils 06:52 17 Aug 2003

Thanks everyone. Why couldn't I find it? Too late at night!

Dave, I will actually use the hotel's computers, and yes I will be careful. Thanks.

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