Accessing Micro SD caard content on tablet

  SparkyJack 08:57 22 Sep 2014

Whilst checking through the data acess on my Android tablet it read 'total space 1o.62 Available 9

There was NO card in the slot.

Inserting a 30gb Kingston card the answer was the same for both How so?

Is there an 'success card' option?

Why did a ten GB show with no card?

  northumbria61 15:58 22 Sep 2014

Did you format your SD card before use?

You may need to format SD Card the 1st time of use with Tablet.

If you are not able to format it with your Android, connect your SD Card with your PC and Format it using a card reader.

Then connect it again with your Tablet and it should work okay and show you the capacity.

  northumbria61 15:59 22 Sep 2014

I assume you currently have no data on your SD card? If you have, back it up prior to formatting.

  Peter 16:03 22 Sep 2014


On my Samsung Tab 2 I can see the SD card under Storage, not data. Perhaps you could check under Storage or something similar.


  SparkyJack 07:39 23 Sep 2014

Looking at both cards on both a Witn7 and a Linux system both showed empty, no data.

All the card types in my various devices cameras,didn't need format before use The cameras for example have a format option to clear the card. I don't see that on the Android settings panel on the tablet.

  SparkyJack 07:45 23 Sep 2014

The tablet settings do have SD card erase facility, and'unmount'( presumably =to safely remove). But I don't see copy to option.

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