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accessing ftp and uploading on laptop after main pc died...

  jacobjohn7 14:02 03 Jan 2012

Hi, I have the files for the website saved on the laptop, i just want to continue to update websites with laptop, using same software dreamweaver and when it comes to upload the sites don't exist in the ftp/manage files section..? I don't want to mess up things also, by confusing it by uploading from a different place if this is possible? help please!! cheers John

  jacobjohn7 17:34 04 Jan 2012

hi thanks for that, i've managed to do this like you said via the extend section of heart internet... my confusion was that I am used to seeing the files in the manage sites section on dreamweaver and 'putting' files directly through dreamweaver.. the sites arent visible on dreamweaver which I find strange as its still same package on a different computer? and the get/put options are greyed out when i try to upload ammended pages directly... cheers

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