Accessing Excel accounts

  mammak 15:38 13 Oct 2006

After completing my partners yearly account for the tax man
Phew glad that’s over; I have of course saved them to my hard drive
And also to my memory stick but we all know they are not fool proof

This might be a really dumb question but if I burned them to CD/DVD would I be able to edit them from the CD/ DVD as I said it is a really dumb question (and I am Not blonde)
any help would be appreciated or even any suggestions regarding a better way of insuring they are not lost or corrupted in any way as you can understand these are very delicate files and I really need to insure their safety thanks.

ps I am really asking two questions here I guess

  recap 15:46 13 Oct 2006

Backing the data up to an external device is good practise, it wouldn't harm making 2 copies of the data and keeping them in seperate locations.

  beynac 16:03 13 Oct 2006

You would not be able to edit them if you burned them to a CD/DVD. You would, of course, be able to copy them from the CD/DVD onto another computer for editing.

  GroupFC 16:07 13 Oct 2006

When the files are written to DVD/CD they will be "read only", and as such will not be editable.
However what you could do, would be copy the files back to the HD, change the attributes from "read only" to "archive" and then edit them and then save them.

I don't know of any way to ensure that the files remain completely safe, but you will have 3 copies (1 on the HD, 1 on the memory stick and 1 on CD), so hopefully should disaster strike one of them you will be able to recover the situation from one of the back-ups!

  mammak 16:09 13 Oct 2006

thank you both of course the nature of the data has made me a bit panicky about the saftey aspect

but I have now burned to CD and DVD also have a copy on my memory stick as well as my hard drive so all is well thanks again for your help.

  mammak 16:12 13 Oct 2006

thanks I had figured that I would have to copy them back to my hard drive for editing i found this out by accident once I had burned them so I now have plenty of copys thank you all.

  GroupFC 16:14 13 Oct 2006

If you are happy don't forget the green tick!

  mammak 16:16 13 Oct 2006

happy and ticked :-)

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