Accessing .csv data in its orig form without Excel

  TT225 16:50 02 Jan 2003
  TT225 16:50 02 Jan 2003

I need help please to find a viewer/converter that will allow me to access .csv file information in the original format its created in when viewed with Excel - only I don't have excel & don't want to lash out for the full excel program - any ideas?
Ops system is XP, standard not the pro version

Thanks & Happy New Year all forum users
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  VoG™ 17:03 02 Jan 2003

You can get an Excel file viewer click here but I don't know if it will open .csv files - Excel's normal file type is .xls

  TT225 17:28 02 Jan 2003

Thanks for that Vog, unfortunately it won't seem to deal with .csv files.


  Taran 17:58 02 Jan 2003

If the file is not too large, you can open CSV file formats in Notepad or almost any other simle text editor.

It makes it a bit onerous in terms of finding what you want if the file contains a lot of entries, but Notepad and some similar text editors (Programmers File Editor and Arachnophilia are favourites of mine that can handle quite large CSV files) will at least allow you to see what's in the file.



  Taran 17:59 02 Jan 2003

Sorry, that simle text editor should of course have read "simple".

I need to remember to use my spell-checker before replying.

  Taran 18:08 02 Jan 2003

Some links would have helped too...

click here for Arachnophilia version 4 (only 1.6mb in size). Their latest release has loads of bells and whistles, but you need to download a large Java file to go with it.

click here for Programmers File Editor or go to click here and run your search for PFE.

Good luck.

  TT225 15:04 03 Jan 2003

Hopefully the sites you suggest will allow me to view the csv files in their original tabulated format - that is what I'm really after.

Cheers & happy new year


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  tbh72 15:25 03 Jan 2003

I have just played around & can tell you that using MS Frontpage / Insert / File will allow you to tabulate the information.

Alteratively MS Word will do the same.

Good Luck

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