Access97 gridlines fail to print

  GRFT 08:07 10 Apr 2005

The gridlines show OK on the monitor. The properties; horizontal, vertical, black lines on a white background can be setup in three ways:- The gridlines button on the Formatting (Datasheet) Toolbar; in the Cell Effects Dialog box on the Format menu; and the settings in the Options on the Tools menu. The cells effect is set as flat.
The properties can also be set using Macros or Visual Basic, but I'm not into that yet. This problem only appeared some weeks after upgrading to Windows XP. Access97 is said to be fully compatible with XP so I'm baffled as to where the problem lies.

  PA28 22:09 10 Apr 2005

It's a while ago, but I thought it was a tickbox hidden in the murky depths of the page setup menu, helpfully entitled "print gridlines". Like I say, this was a while ago so I may be wrong.....

  GRFT 06:48 12 Apr 2005

Thanks for your suggestion but nothing could be found there. I did, however, discover a "Display or hide grid" in a form design view but this didn't affect printing. So, just have keep searching! I thought it might have something to do with the printer but it prints vertical and horizontal lines in other programs, so it's not that.

  Rand Al Thor 11:27 12 Apr 2005

In the properties of the text box, in the detail section, scroll down to Border Style and change it to Solid

  GRFT 07:02 14 Apr 2005

Thanks for your suggestion, Rand Al Thor. I tried that, but it seems that Border Style is for Forms. I use Tables & Queries only. Back to the drawing board!

  PA28 14:54 14 Apr 2005

I've just gone into the attic and dusted down a copy of the book Discover Office 97. To print gridlines (it says on page 254!) set up the sheet as follows:

1. Select File > Page Setup

2. Click Sheet Tab

3. Select options from this tab - basically, half way down are the print options. The initial Tickbox is Print Gridlines. Tick it.

This is broadly the same as in later versions of Excel (I use 2000 currently). If this doesn't work then it could be down to a number of factors, which I recall includes the amount of memory in your printer if it's a laser as well as specific formatting commands that you have have put in your sheet. So try this on a new file first (just stick in a few numbers on a blank worksheet and then set the print area manually) and see what joy.

  GRFT 07:48 16 Apr 2005

On clicking Page Setup, there's no Sheet tab, only Margins & Page. I tried on all views where Page Setup is enabled with the same result. So that's confusing. Even more so, I still have Windows 98se installed on another hard drive and the problem exists there as well - no grid lines. That would suggest a printer problem. What I'll try next is downloading the latest printer driver, but I'm sure that's the one installed anyway.
I'll really have to upgrade to a later version of Access, and hopefully that'll fix everything. Anyway, thank you very much for your trouble, and I hope your attic isn't as dusty as mine!

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